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iOS App Development

Scalable & user-friendly iOS app development services

Best iOS App Development Services:

Are you searching for a full-stack iOS app development company in the UK? Skyrocketing your business and witnessing a higher success rate is easier with our iOS app development services. Are you located in Glasgow, Manchester, London, Birmingham, or any other town/city in the UK? RBSEO is the ideal iOS development company offering a dedicated team of developers developing custom iOS application development services. The developers build apps for diverse use cases that range from real-time analytics to video streaming, geo-tagging, route matching, and much more. 

Custom iOS App Development Services: 

We leverage the latest features of iOS to modernise business apps. We deploy several native iOS apps that speak for your brand. We have a skilled team of iPhone app developers developing custom applications. Largely known for assisting businesses to build viable solutions, we elevate business strategy, design memorable experiences, and code apps that add value to the lives of the users. 

We build unparalleled iOS mobile apps which are responsive to all mobile devices and screen sizes, enabling users to make the most of the features. We help you to transform your vision into a feature-rich reality that delivers a customisable and interactive iPhone app. We focus on maximising the iOS functionality that provides ultimate user experience for users. With a team of expert developers, we create mobile applications for all kinds of industries and industry verticals, including healthcare, education, finance, supply chain, etc. Just let us know your requirements, and we shall customise the app as per your requirements. 

Know our development services: 

Design consultation: 
We understand the dire need for good design, and always strive to deliver unparalleled UI/UX designs to all clients. The iOS app designers will take optimum care of every little detail that comes into play with innovating and creating attractive design solutions. By regularly reviewing the user experience design, we help brands identify new, distinctive opportunities for your business. 

iOS Strategy Consultation: 
Strategising a business app is big and is also the starting point of business growth. The step makes it easy for designers and developers to proceed with the next step. The experts initiate with conducting in-depth research to understand the target audience and determine the KPIs. We also perform an extensive market analysis to acquire insights and create an intuitive user experience for all. 

App development: 
We provide seamless integration services to further enhance the functionality of applications depending on the latest technological trends. Our custom iPhone App includes services that help us create future-ready applications. The team largely specialises in all kinds of development services for clients to choose from a variety of development as per the needs of the business. We initiate a full-length cycle of development by adopting cutting-edge technologies. 

Maintenance and support: 
Our support and maintenance team investigates the app to always ensure seamless operation. The team makes sure that the product is up to date with the latest versions of the software for it to run smoothly. In addition to this, we also offer source code version control to ensure glitch-free functionalities. 

Prototype design: 
We let our clients get a demonstration beforehand of how the product will look prior to the final design. We create a mock up app for our clients to get a better understanding of the final app and its functionalities. At the same time, we also create interactive prototypes for clients to present to their investors. 

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Major programming languages used:

We maximise the power of iOS apps to develop fully functioning mobile applications that best fit your business brand. 

Some of our developers implements this friendly program which is an industrial-quality programming language and can be written for phones, servers, or desktops. 

Some of the developers prefer to use Objective-C whilst writing software for iOS and OS X. The superset of the programming language offers object-oriented capabilities along with a dynamic runtime. 

It lets developers achieve a unified workflow for testing, coding, debugging, and user interface design. 

The extensive library of CocoaPods allows developers to scale the iOS applications efficiently. 

Code Runner: 
CodeRunner is one of the go-to editors that are used to support programming languages. 

By integrating with CocoaPods library, we make it 100% compatible with XCode. 

Unique approach of our development services: 

At RBSEO, we address every initiative with a unique approach. We totally believe in the concept of how no one size fits all. There is no definite fixed formula for all businesses as each brand/business requires a unique approach. However, we are backed by the best software technologies along with an experienced team of iOS developers known for their innovation, scalability, and robustness. By maximising technologies, we create functionalities and perform integrations pertinent to building iOS application-based products. We thereby adopt a user-centric approach to help clients attain their dream mobile app and foster healthy relationships with the target audience. 

Chosen team of iOS developers: 
At RBSEO, we have a large team of iOS developers who specialise in the development and design of your app. 

In-house coding: 
The iOS development services at RBSEO happen inside the UK office, and not a single line of code is ever outsourced. 

iOS UI/UX Design: 
With our team of dedicated designers, we leverage the best UI/UX design practices to create apps that breathe your concept. The designers create responsive platforms delivering engaging experiences. 

Custom agile process: 
The iOS development procedure adopts a custom agile framework, further minimising risk, maximising velocity, and promoting transparency. 

Full-length development cycle: 
The services include end-to-end service, starting from consulting, to strategising a product, UX/UI development, testing, and assessment. 

App store deployment:
We also handle the entire App Store submission process that includes listing, assets, description, and much more. 

Online support and maintenance: 
Our services do not end at developing and delivering, instead, we also offer dedicated maintenance and support services, helping applications stay updated with ongoing version releases. 

Looking for creating an iOS App for your business? Consult with us today and know more about how we can assist. 


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