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How To Do Link Building For SEO

Link building is one of the crucial aspects of search engine optimisation and utilised by countless businesses around the world. But creating quality links back to your website is not easy by any means. The methods involved in SEO link building can dynamically boost the ranking of a web page for targeted keywords. Search engines crawl the links on other websites and index your page. Obtaining high-quality inbound links to a web page raises its visibility and flow of traffic. It can lead to an increase in a page’s potential to obtain greater conversions. 

The focus of link building for search engine optimisation is always on quality. Getting a backlink from a reputed and authority website yields positive results, while poor links can hurt your page’s reputation. Piling up on the number of links and hoping for the best is hardly ideal. Marketers must utilise a set of proven techniques to get the best outcomes from link building. Outdated or unethical methods for obtaining will just waste your time. Avoiding link building altogether is also unwise as it is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Search engine Google considers quality link building as one of the most crucial factors for ranking a page. It should be focussed on as all your competitors are focusing on it. So how does one proceed?

If you are eager to learn about how to do link building to please the search engines, read on to get a better idea. 


Link building tactics for your SEO goals include - 

1. Guest blogging - Guest blogging involves the creation and publishing of relevant articles on external websites. It can also be a viable mode of blogger outreach. You can create high-quality articles and submit them across reputed websites for approval. If they are approved, you can obtain one (or several) backlinks to your desired page. When a published post is crawled by search engine crawlers and your link is detected, it has a higher chance of getting indexed.  

Guest blogging has been around as an important tactic of link building for a long time. It evolved considerably over the years but still remains important for online businesses. Whilst there are dedicated guest blogging platforms that invite bloggers to submit posts, link builders can try approaching other high authority websites. One should aim for less crowded websites since many guest blog platforms and are saturated.

2. Outreach - Outreach deals with reaching out to niche audiences with your content. Sharing relevant and useful information on niche-based topics can raise the interest of target audiences. A link building outreach strategy can include different forms of SEO content writing or advertising a business, its products and services. Some forms of content that work for outreach include blog posts, infographics, tutorials, list articles and industry-related news. Business owners and marketers reach out to other businesses that mentioned their targeted keywords or have linked similar websites like yours. 

The mediums for outreach include researching for sites that match your business, targeted email campaigns, and creating strategies for link exchange. Marketers should implement suitable tracking mechanisms to evaluate the results of their outreach efforts. 

3. Link reclamation - A marketer puts considerable effort into building a set of high-quality links back to web pages. Some of the valuable backlinks gained by a web page often cease to exist. The reasons for them not existing anymore include - the linking page not existing itself, or links being removed by site owners. There is an eventuality of you losing links when a page’s content is updated. Your SEO aspirations can take a major hit if you are unaware of losing these links. 

Fortunately, knowing which backlinks you have lost and reclaiming them are both possible. You can access convenient backlink checker tools online to find which links do not exist anymore. Upon finding these, you can contact the owners of these respective websites and inform them about missing backlinks. Requesting them to restore your backlink or adding a new one are viable options. If you had exchanged links with another site and your link has been removed without your information. 

4. Community link building - Link builders must understand that a lot more can be done than just approaching highly reputed authority websites. Whilst those links are your most valuable assets, getting other links from community websites may improve results. Those who are harnessing. the power of popular community portals is accelerating their digital marketing outcomes consistently. 
Links to your website can be added through forum Q&As and commenting on popular blogs or social posts. Some of the most popular platforms for community link building today are Quora and Reddit. You can also find a great number of message boards and forum websites to obtain links from. It is important to interact with posts or questions that are highly relevant to your niche. Finding such resources might take a little bit of research, but is worth the effort. 

5. Paid linkable content promotion - Businesses should build up a portfolio of online content assets that can be promoted across the Internet. The content sources or links you can create stem from blog content writing, how-to articles, infographics, web apps or videos. High-quality links can be promoted through leading advertising platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram for Business and Pinterest Ads.  
Targeted advertisements on these platforms have the ability to reach high-value audience groups. They can give users the information they need, and also link them to your intended web pages. The focus should be on spreading interesting and valuable information, and not on any blatant self-promotion. All you need to do is include a relevant link and point users to it. This method can prove quite successful in bringing high volumes of traffic to your landing pages.  

The above-mentioned methods can be utilised to perform effective SEO link building for your web pages. You can try them out and monitor the results of each, to see which link building approach works best for your ranking needs. Consult a leading online marketing service provider can help you gain more clarity regarding useful methods.

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