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RBSEO aims in helping businesses to build an online reputation in Peterborough and increase their visibility amongst the audiences by using their digital marketing, SEO and content writing services. Read below to know our specialities.


Website design

Our web designers are trained to create a website for your business that will attract more and more visitors. With a fast loading time, the website is easy to navigate, enabling easy access to visitors. The designers are carefully chosen so that there is no risk or errors.

Reaching bloggers

Many do not understand the power and potential of influential bloggers. However, we take the help of bloggers to make you have a strong foothold in the market. Your popularity increases along with your business reputation. Link building is a quick and convenient solution to fetch links from bloggers.

Content writing

We all know content is the king. With our content writing service, we try to build a connection between the audience and the business. We make sure that the blogs and articles we deliver are crisp and interesting enough to make the reader stay for a while. The blogs are packed with facts and information and are written using lucid terms. We hire brilliant writers who can create magic with their words.

Digital marketing

This is another important aspect that helps in a business success. From Pay Per Click advertisement to social media marketing, our team prepare successful digital marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to give you results. By choosing us, you can rest assured to get a fair share of the limelight in the market.

Search engine optimisation

To build a business reputation in Peterborough, you need the help of search engine optimisation. Our professional and experienced SEO UK team knows every tidbit that can help your website achieve a rank in the SERPs. Nowadays, Google prefers those websites that are accessed through mobiles. Henceforth, our experts make sure that your website is responsive. This will not only help mobile users to access your website but also helps your business to gain ranking.
Apart from this, our search engine specialists perform keyword research to determine the highest and lowest performing keywords. With proper strategy, they infuse keywords into the content, headers, titles, meta description and even in the URLs, making it easy for searchers to find your business. Regular blog posts and social media updates are something that we never miss. People should know more about your business and the products/services you are selling/offering. Blogs and updates are the perfect way to tell your audience what new you are bringing in the market.
With our smart and effective SEO strategies, we are here to help you increase your customer base and increase conversion.
RB SEO never fails to deliver promises. You can see your website moving up in the search engine rankings slowly and gradually.
If you are planning to establish your business in Peterborough, contact us immediately. Our dedicated team is there to meet all your requirements.

The digital realm has transformed into a diverse marketplace with online players from across the globe. Likewise, almost every other small, medium and big business in Peterborough is trying to establish a strong online presence and emerge as a household name among users. We at RBSEO equip your enterprise with the best online solutions in the form of SEO, digital marketing, web design, content creation and more.

1. Making Websites SEO-Smart

It is no surprise that search engine giant Google has become synonymous with the word 'search'. Hence, optimization is less of an optional undertaking and more of a significant strategy that all businesses need to perform to outplay their competitors. More importantly, it is an indispensable tool to succeed and survive in the market.

Our SEO consultants work round the clock to find out the best-performing terms and phrases relevant to your business. Whether you are an established player or an emerging business that caters to a niche market, our specialists will ensure that your business site appears on the front page of the results page. We also help you eliminate the risk of algorithmic penalties as our optimization efforts are ethical and in compliance with search engine guidelines. However, if your site is suffering from poor ranks, we assist in rejuvenating websites and taking them to a higher rank.

Through our practices, we help you secure top ranks in the leading search engines, thereby attracting more qualified visitors to your company. Furthermore, you gain positive branding, when customers find you on top of their results feed.

2. Designing High-Performance Websites

Professionals at RBSEO specialise in bespoke company websites with a focus on lead conversion, optimization and user experience. Each site we design is a class apart from others, in terms of performance, creativity and user-friendliness. Whether you want to sell products on your digital store or are looking to create a customer base for your services, we enable your website to maximum engagement and increased sales. 

3. Marketing to Connect with the Target Group

Using the most advanced technology is not enough unless you combine it with practical digital marketing strategies. Our professional marketers can appreciate the changing customer expectations and the need for well-developed marketing campaigns, to accomplish long-term business goals. At RBSEO, we take time to understand and learn about your enterprise and provide you with the most suitable solutions to maximise returns.

4. Content for the 'Next Gen' Audience

A business website that is looking to create an impact online, must have amazing content to attract the right type of audience. You can trust the experienced content writing team at RBSEO to provide compelling pieces, which touch the minds of the readers. Be it blogs, articles, press release, infographic, reviews or other material, our writers can deliver copies that are engaging as well as error-free.

Do you want to improve your website sales & traffic! Get in touch

5. Business Meets Bloggers 

We understand your need to tie-up with bloggers, who are professional as well as influential in their niche. Our link building programme goes beyond creating awareness. We seek top-tier influencers and bloggers, and collaborate with them to reach untapped communities online. Our extensive database of bloggers allows us to choose the ideal spokesperson for your business and spread the word among the right kind of audience.

RBSEO has become a household name in Peterborough for helping local entrepreneurs to set up their firms in the market. With our trained professionals, we promote business on digital platforms, increasing their visibility and traffic. Take a look below to know what our team does.

Creating a suitable design for business

Website is important if you are looking forward to gaining online success and popularity. A visitor will look for your website to check your products/services. Our web design professionals come with good design ideas and layout that suits the businesses. The websites are navigable, visually attractive and have a call-to-action.

Contacting bloggers and influencers

Bloggers and influencers help in enhancing your popularity in the market. With the help of link building, we let the audience know about a business products/services, fetch good links and help a business to penetrate the target market. This is the easiest way to gain popularity.

Writing engaging content

No readers has the interest and time to go through each line of a blog or an article. Hence, it is important to compose interesting write-ups to make the readers stay on the page. Our content writers have received extensive training, enabling them to pen content on various topics, irrespective of the industry. The blogs consist of new information and facts, written in an inverted pyramid style, urging the readers to know what comes next.

Promoting businesses on social media

As Peterborough has become a centre for different start-up companies and local firms, you need to advertise your business properly to stay in the focus of attention. RB SEO marketers are talented and develop successful marketing campaigns ranging from pay-per-click advertisements, social media marketing to online reputation management and more. Without much ado, choose us!

Improving the business visibility in the market

Our professionals optimise content for the search engines to enhance a business prominence in the market. Our goal is to make a business’s website appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. For this, extensive keyword research is performed to determine the highest and lowest volume keywords. The keywords are properly placed in the website content along with blogs and articles, helping the website to move upward in the SERPs. Furthermore, meta descriptions, title tags, URLs are not neglected.
Keywords are infused in these features, helping the keywords to achieve faster ranking. Mobile optimisation is also given importance. By keeping the growing percentage of mobile users in mind, our SEO UK professionals make sure that the website is responsive so that it fits different screen sizes and resolutions. This widens the user base and engages more traffic on the website.
Apart from this, website content is updated and new blogs are published with fresh information. Our experts use social media forums to reach existing and future customers and make them aware of the business’s latest products/services.
RBSEO has never left any client disappointed. If you want to make a name in Peterborough, try our services and give a cut-throat competition to your rival firms.

Useful Frequently Asked Questions

Does User Experience (UX) relate to SEO?

Yes, it does. User experience mainly matters in relation to the time they (website visitors) spend on your website and how they interact with your website. If they spend more time on your website this reduces your website bounce rate. Consequently Google considers your website to be useful and this process puts a positive impact on the website’s visibility and rankings.

Do You Offer Both Local and National SEO?

We are fully equipped and experienced in handling both local and national SEO campaigns; in fact, we serve international businesses too. Local business campaigns generally differ from national SEO marketing campaigns. Local campaigns are mainly focused around local keywords, Google maps and local customers.

Can I Design My Own Business Website & Promote In-House?

Yes, you can design your own website for free using website builder tools such as WIX, Jimdo, Weebly and Wordpress etc. They are easy to use, based on drag and drop functionality and you do not need programming knowledge. You can promote your website yourself too - read our SEO guide for beginners and small businesses for detailed practical step by step information.

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