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100% genuine Blogger Outreach service

RBSEO can provide state-of-the-art blogger outreach solutions to your business with a database of thousands of real bloggers. The primary aim of such a programme is to associate your company’s website to those of a blogger producing content on similar themes. For instance, if your organisation develops mobile applications, we can connect you with app review blogs. 

How Our Outreach Favours Your Business

Reaching out to bloggers is a lengthy and tricky proposition. Without professional help, your business needs to contact popular bloggers and negotiate the terms of the outreach. To avoid the time-consuming process, contact our managers. We already have an impressive list of writers who operate famous blog sites. Based on your industry and products, we can secure link placement services from these people. 

After purchasing links, we draft the content for your website as well. Each content undergoes SEO verifications to ensure they are relevant, informative and include the contextual link. When this link goes live on the page, we deliver a white label report for you to check. 

Whether you operate search engine optimisation teams, agencies or manage digital marketing, link building is far from being a priority for you. Instead, you need to focus on other aspects of your job. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to outsource the work of link purchases to our experienced in-house team. Due to our association with several bloggers, we are already at an advantage when it comes to delivering the best links.


Blogger outreach has become a crucial aspect of online marketing for most businesses today. A network of bloggers creating fresh and original content can effectively promote your business and offerings. Forming and implementing an actionable blogger outreach strategy should be prioritised by businesses seeking greater online presence. Engaging blog content can improve search rankings, attract more visitors and raise customer interest. However, many businesses fail to derive the benefits due to lack of proper planning. 


Business owners must adopt proactive approaches to enhance the results of their blogger outreach strategies. One has to find out if their outreach network is producing the intended results. If you are convinced about the failure of your strategy, take a look at some of the tips mentioned below. 

Tips and methods to enhance your blogger outreach results:


  • Approach blogger before making a pitch 

  • Put some effort into personalising pitches 

  • Keep communicating regularly with bloggers 

  • Power up pitches with visuals 

  • Ask bloggers for their insights 

  • Blogs should be focused on perks 

  • Look beyond your immediate niches 

  • Track the results of blogger outreach efforts 

  • Keep your pitch simple 

  • Try giveaways and samples for bloggers 


These are some of the key methods to help your business make the most of its blogger outreach efforts. Implementing these can have a positive impact on your SEO efforts, and create a greater business presence. Reach the right professional bloggers to grow your business online success.

How It Works

1. Place An Order
Once you place an order, our blogger outreach team starts working on your campaign. You only need to provide us with the anchor text and the target URL's and leave the rest in the hands of our professional blogger outreach team.

2. Blog Content & Order Execution
Our highly professional content writing team craft content related to your business and include your natural in-content link. We also get your approval on the content before posting it live on the external blog website.

3. Reporting
Our blogger outreach team secure your ordered blog placements and once your entire order is executed, we send you detailed reports including domain authority metrics of all blog websites where your website links are placed using the natural in-content editorial style content articles.


Questions? Check Out Our FAQ's

1. What is DA?
DA or Domain Authority is the measure of a blog’s relevance in a particular field, theme, subject area or industry. DA, developed by Moz, predicts the ranking of a website in the search engine results pages. On the scale, zero represents almost no chance of ranking, while 100 signifies a content with a very high probability of achieving a rank. RBSEO blogger outreach solutions can handle all your link-building needs. If you want trustworthy, safe and authentic links, you have come to the right place.


2. Can I choose the DA of blogs for Blogger Outreach?
Yes, you can select the blogs based on their DA metrics before each link placement. Make your choice carefully as DA data is constantly changing. Sites scoring high on the scale at one time may score poorly the next day.


3. Where are the links positioned?

To maximise impact, all your links are placed within the content body. Due to our commitment toward SEO and Google algorithm compliant work, hyperlinks are organically inserted in the writing. Apart from the blogger outreach link, other non-competitive links are also present in every piece to enhance credibility for your website.

4. Can one order contain multiple client domains?
Yes. The size of your order does not matter to us. We can process orders of varying sizes and scopes, related to domain authority and word counts. Notify us about the anchor text and the URLs for the lines. Our experts can complete your project as per the specifications.

5. What happens if you fail to find a related website?
Our vast database of bloggers allows us to build links for a wide range of businesses. However, if we are unable to determine a relevant blog, you can expect a full refund after an internal review of the order. Till date, we have fulfilled every order without fail.