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Do You Want Google 1st Page Results

Check Our Clients Google 1st Page Results & 5 Star Client Testimonials

Small Business

  • Innovative Data Modelling Approach

  • Website Analysis & Implementation

  • 5 Target Keywords

  • Moz DA30+ Blog Links = 2

  • Initial & Final Reporting


Medium Business Silver

  • Innovative Data Modelling Approach

  • Website Analysis & Implementation

  • 10 Target Keywords

  • Moz DA30+ Blog Links = 4

  • Initial & Final Reporting


Medium Business Gold

  • Innovative Data Modelling Approach

  • Website Analysis & Implementation

  • 20 Target Keywords

  • Moz DA30+ Blog Links = 10

  • Initial & Final Reporting


Large Business Silver

  • Innovative Data Modelling Approach

  • Website Analysis & Implementation

  • 35 Target Keywords

  • Moz DA40+ Blog Links = 10

  • Initial & Final Reporting


Large Business Gold

  • Innovative Data Modelling Approach

  • Website Analysis & Implementation

  • 60 Target Keywords

  • Moz DA50+ Blog Links = 10

  • Initial & Final Reporting


SEO Specialists

Using our innovative data modelling process, we create data models of our client's website on our local computer based on the client's selected keywords and we compare those data models with the client's competitors data models (competitors websites that are performing better than  the client's website on Google for their selected keywords). Once we have a detailed picture of the entire analysed data, we create/organise our client's website data better than their competitors, and if the client's website data is more organised & informative than their competitors then Google automatically gives our client high rankings over their competitors.

How our normal SEO process works:


  • We will compile a complete list of keywords, OR, you can send us your own list of keywords that are most relevant to your business. Once the keywords list is finalised, our SEO team start working on your SEO campaign based on your approved keywords.

  • We will create an initial rankings report based on your keywords and send you the SEO report within 2-3 days of starting the SEO campaign.

  • We will study your website in detail & 20 competitors’ domains (for detailed SEO analysis using data modelling approach) and prepare the SEO work.

  • Once the SEO work is ready, we need to upload it onto your website. There are two ways of doing this:


  1. You can provide us your website CMS/FTP details which we will need to upload SEO work on your website (Note: Our SEO work will not interfere with the functionality, payment system or products of your website).

  2. On the other hand, we don't mind if you would like to keep your login details confidential. In this case, we can prepare the SEO work and you can upload it yourself. We will give you detailed instructions so it will not be difficult to upload the SEO work. We are happy either way.

  • We will send you a detailed SEO rankings report at the end of the first month and you can compare this SEO report with the initial SEO rankings report to see what improvements we have achieved with this one month SEO campaign. If you are happy with the outcome then you can continue using our SEO service otherwise you can leave us at anytime as we do not commit you to any contract.

Our Philosophy: We grow with our clients – we love to help start-ups & small businesses put their businesses on the right path on Google, and we help medium sized businesses to grow further and assist in-house SEO teams of large businesses.

20+ years in the web world researching Google techniques, understanding its algorithms and having worked across several areas of search engine optimisation, we at RBSEO strongly believe that the Google Search Engine is a set of complex algorithms designed to perform two simple tasks:

  • Reward good quality, informative websites following Google guidelines.

  • Penalise the bad guys using Black-Hat SEO techniques.


The answer is simple: if your website data is organised, unique, providing high quality information to the online community and following all of the Google quality guidelines then nothing can stop you being ahead of your competitors on Google. We at RBSEO will perform all of these operations on your website, putting your website in the right direction on Google.

SEO can be defined as the process of enhancing the visibility of a web page or site in the organic search results of major search engines. In other words, search engine optimisation deals with improving the online content of a web page, to make it worthy of consideration by search engine crawlers. The rank of a web page is its numerical position on a search engine result page (SERP), for a particular keyword. High-quality content that is optimised with relevant keywords has higher possibilities of achieving healthy ranks.

Some of the most important parameters for ranking web pages include its content, backlinks, page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, user experience, domain authority and security. Google has listed as many as 200 ranking factors but being mindful of all is impossible. Fortunately, following the fundamental methods of search engine optimisation can yield significant ranking results. High-quality content writing, keyword optimisation and ethical link building can bring considerable rank improvements. 


A massive number of new pages are published online every day, and the competition of each keyword or phrase keeps growing cumulatively. The online space is crowded with many others who are offering the same services as you. Standing out from the rest becomes very difficult unless the pages are optimised. In a way, SEO is about being useful to potential customers or those seeking information on a particular topic. It makes your web page easier to find, raises overall visibility, and increases the chances of conversions.

Search engine optimisation has evolved remarkably over the last decade and keeps changing with each passing year. Performing SEO for a website today involves great amounts of research and brainstorming. Since most online businesses perform SEO today, standing out from the crowd is difficult. Creating an innovative custom strategy is vital to witness aggressive growth in terms of traffic, rankings and conversion. Your search engine optimisation efforts should include the activities that produce measurable improvements. SEO is evolving and so are the tactics that work. Get in touch with RBSEO SEO agency to power up your ranking efforts. 

How Our Process Works


We work with our client to compile a complete list of key-terms & get client approval


We send you initial report before starting work. Our SEO team then start working on your campaign


We study your website using our data modelling approach & prepare SEO data


We implement the SEO work and send you final reports and let you make your decision

Trust Us Based On Facts


Trusted SEO & Content Writing Agency Since 2005

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer custom SEO plans?

Please check our standard SEO plans and we can also create custom SEO plans for you based on your requirements. The majority of our medium and large sized clients use our custom SEO plans that we have created especially for them based on their business requirements.


What are the ongoing monthly charges?

Please check our standard SEO plans. Our basic monthly charges are as little as £199 but depending on your requirements these charges could vary. E.g. some clients have higher SEO requirements therefore we can create custom SEO plans for them based on their budget and requirements. We do not commit our clients to any contract at any stage of the SEO process.


Who will decide the key-terms and how can you decide key-terms?

You can decide your own list of key-terms or we can prepare a list of key-terms for you and you can choose any key-terms from that list. We use various SEO tools for detailed key-terms analysis and produce competitive and business related key-terms for you.


Do you deploy white hat SEO work?

We only use white hat SEO work and we do not believe in black hat SEO methodologies. Our SEO techniques are Google guidelines based and all of our work is transparent. We are an established agency since 2005, having served hundreds of UK businesses and strongly believe in honest SEO methodologies.


Why should I trust RBSEO?

We do not commit our clients into any contract. After the first month, if you believe that you have gained enough improvements then you can continue using our SEO services otherwise you can leave us at any time. We believe in performance based SEO campaigns and produce monthly SEO reports. We have a proven track record and you can check our existing work on our live website. We have helped hundreds of businesses to gain top rankings on Google. We only use white hat SEO methodologies. We are a UK based agency; we do not outsource our work. Our business model is based on honesty, transparency and quality SEO services. Above all, we are happy to show you the work in detail.


How long does it take to see results from SEO?

We show you clear results at the end of each month using monthly SEO reports. The method of measurements of results is simple; we produce one report at the beginning of the monthly SEO campaign and one report at the end of the monthly SEO campaign so that you can clearly see the results and make your decision based on monthly performance.


Do you follow search engine webmaster guidelines?

Yes. All of our work is White Hat Google quality guidelines based. We do not believe in black hat or hidden SEO methodologies. We do not buy or sell spam back-links. We are an established agency and we believe in honest, transparent and high quality SEO services.


Do I need to give you my website login details?

In order to upload the SEO work on your website, you can either send us your website CMS login details and we will upload the work on your website.  Or, if you would like to keep your website login details confidential then we can prepare the work and you can upload the work yourself; we can send you the work with simple instructions and it only takes a couple of minutes to do. It's entirely your choice which way you would prefer; we are happy either way.


Do you create SEO reports?

Yes, we create SEO reports based on the SEO campaigns. Our general SEO reporting criteria is: Initial rankings report which contains the rankings of your website for your selected keywords on your selected search engine and is produced before starting the SEO campaign; and the Final rankings report which contains the rankings of your website after implementing our SEO work. We produce the final report for our clients at the end of the month. You can compare this report with the initial rankings report that we produced for you at the beginning of the month to see what results we have achieved for you.


Do you outsource your work?

No, we do not outsource our work. We are based in the UK and we have our own in-house team of professionals.


How do you accept payments?

We accept payment by bank transfer, or we can send you a PayPal request and you can pay using your debit/credit card or PayPal account. We accept cheque payments too.


What impact will I see after 1 month, 3 months or 6 months period?

We show sharp improvements within 1 month. It is not possible to predict the exact outcome as nobody has control over Google and nobody can predict the results in advance. But we are 100% sure that we can show you such improvements that you would not want to leave us after 1 month SEO campaign. Over 3-6 months, we can show you massive improvements in your website rankings. Note- we do not commit our clients into any contract and you can continue the SEO campaign based on monthly performance. We believe in honest and transparent SEO services and we strongly believe if you will grow, RB SEO will automatically grow.


Do I need to sign any contract?

No, you do not need to sign a contract with us at any stage of the SEO process. But if you wish to sign a contract then we can certainly create one for your satisfaction.


How long does your SEO work last and do you provide any guarantees of your work?

All of our work is Google guidelines based therefore it should last with your website for a very long period of time (e.g. 2-4 years or more). The reason why we cannot provide any exact figure is because we do not have any control over Google - in fact nobody has -and therefore nobody can provide any guarantees in advance. If any SEO agency gives you any future guarantees or guarantees of achieving top results in advance then you can assume that they are lying in order to take your money - we at RBSEO do not follow such practises.  SEO is a continuous process as Google regularly changes its algorithms and websites do require support from SEO work due to frequent Google algorithmic changes. In general, our work will last with your website for a very long period of time as it is done using white hat SEO methodologies.


Do you offer a free no obligation quote?

We give a free no obligation quote for all of our services including SEO, content writing, link building, blogger outreach and website design. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will send you a free no obligation quote with detailed information.

SEO Agency - All our optimisation efforts are ethical and engineered to put your website's best foot forward to achieve top page ranking results. It takes technical expertise and creative foresight to push your business name to the top of the results feed and the virtual world as a whole. In today's online scenario, optimisation is no longer an optional activity. With an unprecedented increase in competition, all businesses, regardless of their size, have to undertake optimisation to stay afloat. 

Our services are geared to help your business achieve success. Marketing your business online is the fastest way to ensure success. Numerous businesses and start-up firms exist online. By utilising our smart and effective SEO methodologies, your business can easily stand out amongst the crowd. Years of experience in this field has given us a thorough understanding of Google’s guidelines and algorithms.

RBSEO is one of the best choices for all your business’s online requirements - we can assist your business’s online growth using a well-balanced mixture of SEO, content creation, link building & website design services. We elevate your business to gain more visibility amongst online surfers.

All SEO strategies executed by our professional SEO team are engineered to boost the visibility of your business on multiple search engines. Our SEO professionals ensure that your target audience arrive at your online shop. To ensure a good rank for your website in the search engine results, following a specific set of rules or guidelines is mandatory. This ability to live and breathe optimisation makes us one of the premier agencies offering SEO services in the UK. If you own a business, get in touch with us and we will offer you affordable SEO, content writing, link building, web design and blogger outreach services to ensure your success in this highly competitive market.

At the outset, our professional team members go through your business model and learn as much as they can about your competitors. We devise an optimisation outline after comparing competing websites. Additionally, our result-driven approach is fuelled by a better understanding of your target audience. Creating and maintaining the online presence of your business can be quite a task, especially if you are unaware of the online marketing methodologies. RB SEO can offer you the best solutions by providing excellent services that include website design, search engine optimisation, link building and content creation. At RBSEO we put a lot of emphasis on strategically promoting your products and services online.

The Internet is a highly competitive market place, with several companies vying for the top spot. RB SEO can assist your organisation to emerge victorious in this race and drive consumer interest. Businesses today need to leverage the online medium to grow the reach and popularity of their organisation. Even though the Internet is a widely useful mode of promotion, you require particular expertise to take advantage of its benefits. RBSEO can help grow your company online through a combination of search engine optimisation, link building and effective content creation.

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