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All websites need to establish their online presence. Writing articles is one of the simplest ways of doing just that. Visibility is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, without which no website can hope for a decent ROI. However, impressing your customers is only half the battle. The site’s content also needs to capture the interest of leading search engines. This is the only way to expand your company’s business presence. 

Uploading unique articles not only endows your website with fresh content but also provides credibility to it. To prevent any question on your company’s reputation, the articles posted on your site must match the high standards of your products and services. This is where RB SEO comes in. 

Our experienced team of writers and editors ensure each article on your site is informative, precise and easy to comprehend. Since we write for the online media, our articles are SEO optimised, providing the best impact for your business. From keyword research to the strategic placement of these keywords, a substantial amount of work goes into creating the perfect article.

Let Us Transform Your Goals into Realities

Rather than handling content creation yourself and wasting precious resources, hire us for the best results. We have a pool of the best authors, who are truly passionate about their work. The crisply and meticulously written articles enhance your website design as well as your marketing campaign. 

Furthermore, we engage the best professionals based on the service or industry your website represents. For instance, those operating a health and fitness website can employ one of our writers specialising in the topic. Doing so ensures even more informative articles and a more engaging read.

RBSEO writers create articles based on your vision. Whether you are planning to launch a new product or looking for customer feedback, our skilled authors can modify articles to suit your vision and requirements. Therefore, it is a powerful medium to not just inform, but also start a dialogue with prospective and existing customers.

What Sets Us Apart?

We have been able to make great strides in website content creation due to several factors. 

• Impressive writers - We employ professional and passionate writers. These authors can hold lengthy discussions with you at any time regarding each aspect of their writing. The pursuit of perfection is what all our writers possess.
• Pay for the finished product - We do not charge you for our time. You only pay us when you are happy with the finished article. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
• Always open to feedback - We recognise the fact that requirements differ from one client to the next. After the creation of the draft, you can share your inputs on the article. In case the work does not match your expectations, we take your feedback into account and modify the article to your liking.

Our company and writers can come up with simple, yet unique articles for your site daily. Over time, these articles are guaranteed to drive more visitors to the site and increase your conversion rate.

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Crafting highly engaging SEO content writing is a necessity for enhancing the quality and usefulness of any page. All pages of your business website should have interesting and informative content to achieve healthy ranks. Content writing for SEO today revolves a lot around simplicity and relevance. Yet, that is not enough to help a website rank higher than its competitors. 


Take a look below at the definitive checklist for writing optimised content for websites

• Know your core audience - Knowing your target audience is essential before starting any content. 
• Work on your headlines - Interesting headlines grab the attention of your target customers effectively. 
• Try to write longer content - The volume of content on a page is as important as its quality. To start with, your website page should have at least 300 words of high-quality content. 
• Find a primary keyword - Research must be conducted for finding suitable primary keywords for each page. 
• Identify your secondary keywords - An optimised page also contains relevant related keywords and phrases. 
• Write with an active voice - Using an active voice inspires confidence among readers and makes content more readable. 
• Make your content informative - Your web page content should be as informative as possible, and free from any unnecessary filler. 
• Use subheadings on your page - Subheadings are as important as the headings of a page as they help to divide content appropriately. 
• Highlight key information - SEO content writing professionals can try to highlight focus keywords or sections of information.
• Keep paragraphs short - Shorter paragraphs are easier to read and do not irritate readers. Many readers now consume content on their mobile devices, and long paragraphs can be pretty hard to read on-the-go. 
• Keep it simple - Simplicity is the key to winning over visitors and converting them into potential leads. 
• Include call to actions in all content - Blogs, articles and service pages should all contain appropriate call to actions (CTAs) to be useful to audiences. 
• Optimise meta with keyword - Meta descriptions of any page should be optimised with the use of primary keywords. 
• Use other media forms with text - High-quality text content is a necessity for web pages to be considered as contenders for high ranks. 
• Optimise image title and alt tags - Image titles and image alt tags of a page should contain the primary keyword of a page. 
• Try both internal and external linking - Internal and external links add relevance to your content and raises its usefulness. 
Following this content writing checklist for SEO content can prove beneficial. Business owners can get in touch with us for better outcomes.

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