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After helping thousands of businesses recognise their true potential, RB SEO is here at Aberdeen to help local companies take advantage of the Internet as a marketplace. With years of experience and a compelling track record, our professionals possess the expertise necessary to extend your reach. We create, customise and manage online operations for your business, effortlessly. Here is a look at some of our most popular services.

Optimizing sites for Google and other search engines

With expertise and proven techniques, our optimisation team has cracked the ranking system employed by Google and other similar engines. With this knowledge and hands-on experience, we can take your website to the first pages in search results. With greater ranking, more consumers take an interest in your products and services, leading to better conversion overall. Here are some methods we utilise to acquire the best ranks for you.

Keyword research and analysis - Keywords refer to certain words and phrases that Internet users commonly use while searching for particular products or services online. Our SEO UK analysts can undertake extensive research to determine the right keywords to use for your business. Based on the study, we incorporate the words with the highest search volume within your website content, leading to higher ranks and traffic flow.

Regular updates - We constantly monitor your rankings and add posts to your website after regular intervals. Google algorithms penalise stagnant websites, where posts are rarely uploaded. To avoid such an event, our team keeps adding posts, almost daily.

Monitoring competition - We keep a close track of your rival companies in Aberdeen. Doing so helps your company in two ways. We notice their approach to marketing and SEO, determining ways to better the optimisation of your website. Secondly, this approach allows us to stay ahead of the competition at all times, ensuring better ranks than the other companies in the same region.

Marketing your company to the consumers

Marketing to people online is vastly different from offline marketing. Thankfully, we employ some of the best people to fulfil your digital marketing goals. Each marketer is trained in running and managing pay per click campaigns, emailer campaigns, social media marketing, search engine marketing and much more.

Blogging your way to success

Our database of influential bloggers can be of great service to you and your company. We formulate deals with these bloggers to mention and/or review some of your products and services through one of their write-ups. This blogger outreach solution introduces you to a business new community of consumers - the loyal followers of the influencer in question.


Creating content for the masses

RBSEO’s content writing services are always in high demand. Our team of authors possess the necessary experience and talent to craft magic with their words. Not only do you get grammatically pristine work, but you also acquire informative, engaging and interesting pieces for your websites. They are sure to leave readers wanting more.

Designing the best version of your website

Apart from the services mentioned above, we also offer qualified graphic and web designers who can whip up creative concepts for your company’s websites, The web design team also comprises of HTML5 and CSS3 experts to produce perfect lines of code for the site, leading to responsive and fast designs. Each site we build is navigable and designed to impress from the first sight.

Are you looking to start a new website for your Aberdeen business? RBSEO can help you with this tricky task, ensuring optimisation, engaging content, attractive design and many other aspects of the website. Listed below are detailed explanations for each of our services.

Content creation to impress clients

Our team of brilliant authors can make blog-writing seem simple, maximising your engagement with prospective customers. Apart from interesting write-ups, our content writing team is also responsible for grammatical and factual accuracy. Each piece we deliver is an absorbing read that will hook your readers immediately.

Marketing to directly improve revenue

We adopt a result-oriented approach to our online marketing efforts, prioritising increased revenue generation over everything else. Our digital marketing team comprises experienced members adept at creating and managing a myriad of campaigns, including pay per click, search engine marketing and social media marketing efforts.

Bloggers outreach programme

Bloggers often command a huge fan following online. Therefore, they can help extend your reach and lead to greater conversion rates. We approach bloggers and help them and, in exchange for that assistance, these bloggers pen a crucial blog post that highlights your company or products in a positive light.

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Ensuring optimal rankings

Search engine optimisation is crucial if you want the website to be easily discoverable on the Internet. With millions of sites available, UK SEO is the only way to ensure success for the company. Our experts can ensure perfect optimisation in the following methods.

1. Hyperlinking - Your website should contain external links in proper proportion. Moreover, the links must belong to reputed websites for maximum effectiveness. We scour the Internet to locate such links and implement them strategically inside the content. Besides improving the visibility, link building also lends credibility to your Aberdeen business.


2. Keyword optimisation - While many know about the importance of keywords for proper ranks, only a handful know how to choose the most suitable keywords or phrases. Our SEO analysts research to determine the same, based on factors, such as the location, target audience and search volume. Our content writers can implement these specific words.

3. Analysing our rival companies - We know that your business must have other competitors in the market. Therefore, our SEO team members closely monitor their websites. Doing so allows us to understand their approach to optimisation, based on which we can adapt our efforts. Our goal is to keep your ranking higher than those of your rival business.

4. Managing intervals between posts - We schedule new posts on the website, to keep contents fresh. Google penalises sites that fail to upload new blogs or articles in a specific period. Our SEO members prevent stagnation of the website, thereby, triggering improved rankings.

Keeping your website design simple

Web design does not need to be complex. We believe simplicity has its own beauty and each of our designed sites reflects the same logic. We focus on responsiveness, navigability and loading times for the site, instead of complicated design choices. Our designers are expert in writing code in several languages, including HTML5 and CSS3. 

The virtual world is an ever-expanding and diverse marketplace that accommodates both big players and emerging businesses. However, establishing an online presence and maintaining the same is no mean feat. Hence, RBSEO is here to provide businesses all over Aberdeen with 360° online support. With our comprehensive range of SEO, digital marketing and blogger outreach services, we strive to make your business name stand out in the crowd. 

1. We ethically optimize your website

We at RB SEO help small and emerging businesses to get more clicks online through our high-performing SEO techniques. In today's online scenario, optimization is no longer an optional activity. With an unprecedented increase in competition, all businesses, regardless of their size, have to undertake optimization to stay afloat. 

Our competent SEO professionals work round the clock to look for valuable keywords relevant to your business. Whether you are a known business or an emerging player, our specialists will make sure that your business gets the maximum views by appearing on the top fold of the results page. We also assist in avoiding penalties imposed by search engines for unethical practices as the SEO service we provide are all white hat. In case, your site does not appear on the first page and gets the least exposure, we resolve your rank issues by systematically tweaking your web content to ensure high readership. 

Furthermore, our SEO campaigns aim at getting positive impressions for your business by making your business website appear on the results feed of your target audience. This enables you to gain more and more mindshare, leading to increased conversions.

2. We design custom websites

Our unit of creative web design professionals specializes in bespoke business websites with an added emphasis on user experience, optimization and lead conversion. Whether you want us to create an e-commerce website or develop a distinctive online site for your organization; we put in our best efforts to form an online space with the scope for maximum engagement.


3. We promote your business online

Employing cutting-edge technology is hardly enough unless you pair it up with result-oriented digital marketing strategies. Our seasoned marketers understand the customers' journey from awareness to decision-making to purchase; hence, they can develop online marketing campaigns with achievable goals. PPC, ORM and SMM are some of the campaigns we handle with flair.

4. We connect with your clients through superior content

Any website is an empty vessel if it lacks in attractive content, and therefore, will lose out on business. However, you need not sweat about providing top-quality content as our experienced authors can create compelling write-ups for your specific audience. Besides, talented editors and proofreaders in our content writing team ensure grammatically correct and error-free copies. 

5. We associate your business with influential bloggers

At RBSEO we maintain an extensive database of bloggers so that we can connect with the ideal online influencer for your business. Through reputed bloggers and industry speakers, you can also reach out to their followers with your products and services. Furthermore, our blogger outreach platform also includes acquiring authoritative links from bloggers to make your business more reliable and prominent

Frequently Asked Questions by Local Aberdeen Businesses

What is SEO?

SEO refers to search engine optimisation, which is a process that helps to optimise your website so that it can be found easily and gain better rankings on Google and other search engines. The main SEO elements are Meta tags, header tags, image optimisation, back links and body content optimisation.

Do you Design Websites for Aberdeen Businesses?

We are an SEO focussed agency but we also design and develop websites for local businesses in Aberdeen. Having vast SEO knowledge gives us the upper hand in developing high quality SEO friendly and responsive websites. Our professional web design team specialises in setting up bespoke business websites with added emphasis on user experience, optimisation and lead conversion. 

Do you do Keyword Research?

Our professional SEO marketing team carries out broad research to find out the best keywords to use for your business website. We prepare a list of keywords based on search volume and incorporate them in your SEO elements and website content for better results on Google.

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