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There are three types of Pay Per Click services: 1. Adwords (Google) 2. Search Marketing (Yahoo) 3. AdCenter (BING). The term Pay Per Click is derived from the fact that you only have to pay the adwords website for every click of your embedded link. Here is how it works. 
E.g. if you type the phrase 'buy laptop' into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN, you will see a list of adverts displayed in the right hand column next to the search results or on top of organic or natural results. These adverts are related to the phrase that was searched for. Advertising bodies write an advert, choose which search terms they want their PPC advert to show for, and then set a maximum amount (bid price) that they are willing to pay every time the advert is clicked and a customer is sent to their website.

Our PPC advertising campaign includes:
• Full set up of your Google Adwords PPC campaign.
• Monthly reporting.
• Monitoring of your Google Adwords campaign to ensure it performs as well as expected.
• Tracking of your Google Adwords campaign via Google AdWords Conversion Tracking.
• Initial advice on whether Google Adwords is for you. If not, we won't waste your money.
• Initial keyword research including competitor businesses research.

RBSEO is a market leader in designing, running and optimising Pay Per Click Google Adword Campaigns. We can help you achieve all of your Pay Per Click goals, as well as helping you design and develop your business identity via our unique Google Adwords Services. 
We consider the initial set up an essential part of Google adwords campaign management and once the process is in place, changes can easily be made to optimise performance. We start by assessing previous Google Adword campaigns that our clients have run in house prior to our partnership and setting the marketing plan. We then build a customised Google advertising campaign tailored to our clients targets and budget.
Our Google qualified professionals monitor the performance of the PPC advertising campaign regularly. Reporting is a key area of the RB SEO Google Adwords approach as our dedicated PPC managers work in partnership with our clients to drive online growth. Depending on the requirements of their business, clients have the option to select between daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Small Businesses Google PPC Cost Structure
We charge fixed fees to set up one adword and it is entirely up to you how many adwords you want us to set up for your business, although we would suggest that you setup at least 40-50 adwords so that it can cover the full list of keywords related to your business. This is a one-off cost and you do not need to pay us any further costs, and you can use this campaign for a lifetime.
Once we set up your PPC/Google adwords campaign, we will pass it to you and you can input your debit/credit card details directly into the Google interface. That means you will be paying Google directly for all Pay-Per-Clicks without any third party intervention. 

There are two major things that you need to decide for your Google adword campaign and we will set them up for you:
Daily budget:- Generally small businesses use £30-£40 cap on the daily budget, meaning that once this budget limit is crossed, Google will automatically stop ad-words for that day and it will automatically restart the next day. We will monitor the output for the first 15-20 days and we can increase or decrease the limit based on the performance of the Google adwords Campaign.

Pay Per Click Cost:- Generally we set up £0.20-£0.40 limit for each click (it can vary based on keywords competition). Again, we will monitor the performance and you can increase or decrease the PPC cost based on the performance of Google adwords Campaign.

In order to start, we will compile a full list of keywords for your Google adwords Campaign and get your approval before proceeding further.

Google adwords campaign is very useful and most online businesses use it as a part of their SEO strategy because it is the quickest way to get your website listed on the first page of Google, its very useful for online traffic and sales, and you can be on the 1st page of Google as long as you keep paying the PPC costs to Google.

One of the most popular forms of online advertising involves the use of PPC or pay-per-click ads. In this form of digital marketing, companies pay every time a consumer clicks on one of their ads. RBSEO employs marketing staff, who are experts in the said field. We can help you purchase the advertisements in Google, creating the campaign in a manner to make them more visible to your targeted consumers.

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What Does Our PPC Services Include?

Our PPC advertising team takes special care in designing and maintaining pay-per-click ads. Here are some services we offer.

• Search Advertising: This procedure involves setting up the PPC campaign. Selecting the appropriate keywords and paying for the number of clicks you want to purchase are crucial parts of search advertising. While you can choose to perform these activities by yourself, our experts are well-versed in these matters and can produce well-researched keywords to increase the effectiveness of your ads.

• Displaying an Ad: If you already have an ad, and you are looking for ideal places to display it, we can help you in this regard as well. Due to our reputation and experience, we can display your ads on the top websites, so that it garners more attention and becomes more visible to potential customers. We use specialised tracking services to follow the online activity of consumers and leverage this data to incorporate your ads in the sites the user is most likely to visit.

• Retargeting: We can help your business capitalise on lost opportunities. Our retargeting system involves focussing on those consumers, who visited your site but failed to purchase any products. Reminding them of your services and products can often result in sales. 

Why Choosing Us is your Best Option?

Apart from the immense experience we bring to the table when it comes to digital marketing, our convenient services make us a popular choice amongst businesses. Here are some benefits of choosing RBSEO to design and maintain your pay-per-click ads.
• Ease of use and access is one of the primary factors we focus on. Our tools are easy to understand and operate. Furthermore, we keep our clients informed about every small change related to their ads and campaigns.

• We abhor half-hearted interaction or customer care support. Therefore, our managers and staff members are always ready to answer any queries you have during the process. They can also incorporate your valuable insights into the ad campaign going forward, so that the advertisements match up to your aspirations.

• Real-time data collection and activity tracking allow us to keep an eye on your ad campaign. We can track the traffic and update the campaign accordingly.

Even the ad you post online needs to fulfil the basic SEO guidelines. Otherwise, it may never become visible enough to draw traffic to your site. Rather than spending valuable time and resources trying to optimise PPC ad campaigns yourself, let us handle it. We can complete the entire operation at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, you can focus on other important factors while we enhance your online marketing efforts.

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