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Does your business website fail to achieve the desired rankings in search results? At RBSEO, we can help rectify the issue through our systematic approach to optimisation, content creation, web design and marketing. Here are some services we provide to Birmingham companies.

A considerable amount of work is involved in taking a business online. If you lack the experience, achieving success will be difficult. It is for that very reason that we, RB SEO, exist and provide a wide range of digital services to potential online companies. We can help you start that website you have always dreamt of, and carry it forth while drawing a lot of attention. Take a look at the services we offer.

Our team of designers strive to create a website that can instantly hook a visitor. When developing ideas, we are focussed on crafting a site that does not only look great but is also responsive, quick to load and easily navigable. During the website design process, we take into account the minute details – your preference, necessity, business image and create a fluid yet gorgeous website.

Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham


SEO is vital to maintain a prominent online presence. A website itself cannot attract traffic without proper optimisation. With in-depth keyword research, our SEO UK team finds the words that appear the most in internet searches in Birmingham or anywhere else. These keywords and phrases are then incorporated into your content to generate better rankings across search engines. Hence, increased traffic.

We take close looks at your competitors to keep your company ahead in the game. By realising their websites’ strengths and weaknesses, we strategise and take the necessary steps to make your site better. Keeping your business in mind, we support your business with various digital marketing campaigns. RBSEO keep your website fresh with regular posts, and our professional team of link builders determine the most relevant hyperlinks and buys them for you. Apart from website optimisation, we also take care of video content as well as mobile pages to ensure your goals are not restricted to the big screens only. With the majority of searches done in hand-held devices, your website must be mobile-friendly.

Creating Magic with Web Design

We offer simple, yet unique design concepts to clients, prioritising loading speed, navigation and responsiveness over everything else. Additionally, we can create mobile versions of your website to enhance access. Each designer undergoes special training in programming languages, such as CSS3 and HTML5. We aim to please with our special web design services.     


Content Writing: It requires experienced writers who are capable of diverse writing, and that is exactly what we have. The content writing division at RBSEO comprises some of the industry’s best. We write immersive content, each copy being carefully researched and thoughtfully written. Every write-up is packed with useful information and easy to read.

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Blogger Outreach Programme

Bloggers command a huge fan following due to their writings. Due to our work in the industry, we have a rapport with many such bloggers. After making a deal, we can ask them to spread the word about your business amongst their online community, thereby increasing your company’s popularity and reach. Our blogger outreach service always shows the desired results.


Impeccable Blogs and Articles
We ensure maximum engagement for readers by choosing riveting topics. Moreover, our content writing team contains experienced authors, some of whom have been penning blogs for almost a decade. Each unique write-up undergoes grammar and factual checks, further improving accuracy.

Blogger Outreach: Your website can attract more visitors when it has all the necessary elements; one of which, is blogger outreach. Our company can acquire White Hat links. Contextural backlinks bring in more prospective customers. Their behaviour can be influenced by popular bloggers. Our extensive database is filled with bloggers who can easily promote your services and products on your behalf.

Exceptional Online Marketing

The Internet is a powerful medium to market your services and products. To take advantage of the same, our digital marketing team is here to assist you. Comprising some of the most experienced people in the field, our team can undertake PPC, social media marketing, online reputation management and search engine marketing for your business.

Digital Marketing Campaigns: Do you know how to effectively market your business online without pasting ads on the roadside? Doing so can be tough without appropriate knowledge. Our online marketing team consists of members who have an in-depth understanding of the internet and its user behaviour. We can formulate Pay Per Click campaigns, handle your online reputation and make your website authoritative to promote your business image steadily.

SEO Birmingham

To achieve the top ranks, websites need to undergo optimisation. We possess considerable expertise in SEO, guaranteeing the desired rankings and outcome. However, optimisation is a continuous process, involving several tactics. Keyword optimisation, linking, regular updates and competitive analysis are just some of the methods our team members pursue.

Keywords refer to the special words that consumers use when searching for the kind of products and services your company offers. Analysts must execute a research, based on search volume, location and target audience to select the most suitable keywords from amongst thousands. The content crafting team incorporates these words strategically within the website content for increased visibility and ranking.

While researching keywords, we also closely monitor the website of your competitors in Birmingham. By assessing their approach to SEO, we can fix loopholes, if any, in our strategy. Furthermore, we adapt the plan to keep your website rankings higher than those of your rivals.

Our UK SEO employees scour the Internet for the most suitable links, incorporating them into your content for the desired outcome. Each link is responsive and belongs to a credible website. Failure to maintain a proper proportion of inbound and outbound links can harm your rankings, limiting site traffic.

Lastly, we ensure regular posts on the website to keep things interesting. Google algorithms are built to penalise ranks of stagnant websites, where there is a huge gap between two updates. Our SEO UK team prevents the same from happening on your business domain.

Learn how you can increase traffic to your Birmingham business website

If you wish to transform your local Birmingham business website into an income generating model, web traffic is the key to reach that milestone. If there is higher traffic to your Birmingham website and if your website model has the potential to convert those customers into sales, then you can make massive profits from your online platform. There are several ways to increase web traffic to your website and we have compiled a list of some of the ways you can do this yourself for free below.

Drive Traffic with Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation can play an essential role in improving your Birmingham website organic traffic through Google and other popular search engines. Using Google guidelines based SEO methodologies can improve your website rankings in search engines and bring more online exposure to your website, resulting in higher website traffic. Key areas of SEO that can help to improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Keywords research, analysis & implementation 

  • Target short and long tail keywords

  • Improve on-site optimisation 

  • Improve off-site optimisation

  • Competitors analysis

  • Link building for better results

  • Optimise your website

  • Improve website navigability

  • Improve your website speed

  • Make your website mobile and SEO friendly

  • Analyse analytics data 

  • Indulge in regular guest posting


Drive Traffic with Content Writing

Content marketing promotes your Birmingham website in several ways, and encourages people to visit your website and stay on your website for longer. This process attracts traffic, reduces your website bounce rate and ultimately helps to improve your website rankings on Google and other popular search engines. Having top rankings on search engines means higher traffic. Key areas of content marketing that can help to improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Write enticing headlines

  • Create content that the online community wants to share

  • Create infographics

  • Produce video content

  • Social sharing buttons

  • Write knowledge based articles

  • Link content internally

  • Regular content writing

  • Keep content up to the minute


Drive Traffic with Additional Marketing Methods

There are several other marketing approaches that you can utilise to attract more traffic to your Birmingham business website. Key areas of other marketing approaches that you can use to help improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Email marketing

  • List your business in free online directories

  • Gather inbound links

  • Organise free webinars & courses for your audience

  • Participate in forums - Quora, Reddit

  • Create free puzzles, quizzes and contents to attract your audience

  • Advertise at conferences, events & exhibitions

  • Sponsor events & exhibitions

  • Offer free products/services to your customers

  • Brand partnerships

Drive Traffic with Social Media Marketing

Use social media marketing to target social networks to spread awareness about your Birmingham business and promote your products and services online. Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular amongst businesses nowadays, and most businesses are joining social media platforms to promote their products and services because it is mostly free and is the fastest way to connect to a huge online community. Key areas of social media marketing approaches that you can use to help improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Set-up a Facebook page

  • Set-up a Youtube channel

  • Create an Instagram account

  • Create a Twitter account

  • Connect through Blogger outreach program

  • Stay connected on LinkedIn

  • Image sharing on Pinterest

  • Keep social through any other channel possible


Drive Traffic with Online Advertising

Online advertising is a fantastic and fast way to use the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to your target audience in Birmingham. PPC (pay per click) is the most common and effective type of online advertising. Key areas of online advertising approaches that you can use to help improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Google PPC Adwords

  • Twitter Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Reddit Ads

  • Youtube Ads

  • Advertise through other online channels and networks

Local Businesses Essential FAQ’s

Does Social Media Help SEO?

Google algorithms information is not available in the public domain. Many SEO experts have debated the impact of social media in the past. We at RBSEO believe that social media indirectly helps SEO e.g. your social media campaign can attract traffic to your website which helps to reduce your website bounce rate and indirectly helps SEO.

How Can You Promote My Birmingham Local Business?

If you are a local tradesman, electrician, dentist, plumber, or have a restaurant or takeaway, and are looking to improve your business’s online visibility in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, we can help your business. Using our professional local SEO services we can attract local foot traffic to your business.

There are Many SEO Agencies in Birmingham - Why Should I Choose RBSEO?

We have a proven track record - hundreds of existing client testimonials on our live website and top Google reviews ratings. We offer high quality Google guidelines based marketing and web design services at low prices. We do not believe in black hat SEO work. We are an established agency since 2005.

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