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In this day and age of the Internet, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has become a crucial aspect of determining a website’s popularity. Your business is more likely to receive customers if your online presence is SEO compliant. RBSEO can help you understand the intricacies of SEO and deliver content, perfectly optimised for search engines. 

What We Offer

Our reputation precedes us due to the range of benefits our services provide to businesses. Below are some areas where we aim to deliver SEO-based content.

• Speed: We produce quality content at a very rapid pace to ensure visitors at your website always have new things to read and understand. The speed at which we post is impossible to achieve if you try to manage the content yourself. Rest assured, we maintain our quality, even when working fast.
• Flexibility: Being our client, you get to tailor website content as you please, depending on your priorities and budget. We can create new pages or form new sections on your website. If necessary, we can provide keyword research and guidance support as well. Our in-house copywriters can optimise/edit projects such as this.
• Quality: Content quality is not just about perfect grammar or sentence construction. It also entails engaging content that ranks high in the search engine results page. Our experience in SEO allows us to provide more visibility to your page. Greater visibility and ranking results in more page visits. The quality of the content on your site converts these visitors into customers, thereby fuelling your business’s growth.
• Digital assets: Our high-quality digital assets team finds linkable videos, infographics and images for your website to further increase the traffic flow. This drives your authority-building and digital marketing efforts.
We work closely with SMEs to deliver weekly or daily content on your website. The main motive is to inform your customers organically, grasping their attention and forcing them to return to your site in the future. 

Process We Follow

We have nailed the perfect 4-step procedure to approach content curation, making it convenient for both our clients and us.

• Step 1 - Our marketers reach out to you to determine your specific needs and requirements when it comes to content creation. Based on your demands, we can come up with a sustainable strategy for forming SEO content. 
• Step 2 - After coming up with a strategy, we send it to you for review and feedback. If you approve, we can proceed to the next stage. In the case of issues, we can modify the strategy as per your feedback.
• Step 3 - Content is collaboratively created by a team of content writers and subject matter experts, as per the approved strategy.
• Step 4 - The created content undergoes editing to remove all errors and mistakes. We also check the content with specialised plagiarism tools to ensure its uniqueness.

Content that is written specifically for obtaining higher keyword rankings on the search engines is known as ‘SEO content’. The term also involves the modification of existing content with the right set of keywords and phrases. Creating fresh and dynamic SEO content is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing. It raises the flow of high-quality traffic to specific pages of a website. Search engine crawlers index a page based on the quality, relevance and usefulness of its content. 

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What are The Main Types of SEO Content?

• Blogs - Every business should consider investing its efforts into creating and maintaining a blog site. 
• Articles - Articles are also widely used for creating backlinks to the intended pages of websites. 
• Guides - Guides are interesting as they do more than just educating your base of potential and existing customers. 
• Video - Video can give your business an upper hand as opposed to conventional forms of written content. 
• Lists - List articles are more appealing to users than their more formal counterparts. Engaging list-type content is better at raising interest and influencing potential customers. 
• Infographics - Infographics have become one of the most popular forms of SEO content due to their effectiveness. 
• Product pages - Businesses selling products directly over the Internet have an advantage from an SEO perspective. Content writing for e-commerce product pages should be done with appropriate keyword research. 
• Slideshows - Slideshows have been used as a popular form of SEO content by thousands of businesses over the years. 


Planning SEO Content 

1. Have a clear objective - An SEO content strategy should have clearly outlined objectives i.e. gaining traffic, visibility or conversions. The objectives determine what type of content should be used. 
2. Do audience research - All content on your pages should be written with the target audience in mind. Your audience plays a central role in choosing content type, approach and posting frequency. 
3. Evaluate the results - One form of content might not work for your business and this completely fine. But there needs to be a system to evaluate the results you are getting. It can help you optimise your SEO content efforts. 
The right type of SEO content can catapult your business to the top of search engines.

Crafting highly engaging SEO content writing is a necessity for enhancing the quality and usefulness of any page. All pages of your business website should have interesting and informative content to achieve healthy ranks. Content writing for SEO today revolves a lot around simplicity and relevance. Yet, that is not enough to help a website rank higher than its competitors. Moreover, content has to be written for crawlers and audiences alike. Writing for a web page now involves considering several important guidelines. 

The essential SEO content writing checklist:

• Know your core audience 
• Work on your headlines 
• Try to write longer content 
• Find a primary keyword 
• Identify your secondary keywords 
• Write with an active voice 
• Make your content informative 
• Use subheadings on your page 
• Highlight key information 
• Keep paragraphs short 
• Keep it simple 
• Include call to actions in all content 
• Optimise meta with keyword 
• Use other media forms with text 
• Optimise image title and alt tags 
• Try both internal and external linking 


Following this content writing checklist for SEO content can prove beneficial. Business owners can get in touch with us for better outcomes.

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