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How long does it take for a new website to appear in Google search results?

How long does it take for a new website to show up in Google results?

There is no guarantee and it is almost impossible to give an exact time scale for how long it can take new website to show up in Google search result pages. Google can index your new website straightaway within 1-2 days or it could take longer - couple of weeks. Normally Google is pretty quick to index new websites, although doesn’t start to give them higher rankings on its interface straight away. Once your new website is indexed, its visibility for the competitive keywords will remain poor for some time, you have to use seo methodologies to push website rankings higher on Google and other popular search engines. Nobody has control over Google and nobody can push Google to index website quickly and start to give good rankings. 

Businesses launch websites to sell their products and services online but if your website doesn’t show up on Google for your website related keywords then it becomes worthless, and for the online community your website even doesn’t exist. Although you cannot speed up Google indexation process but certainly there are certain things you can do to improve your chances of faster indexation of your website on Google search engine.

  1. Submit your website via Google webmaster tool to make it directly accessible by Googlebot. Google uses Googlebot software to crawl and index websites.

  2. Create and submit a Sitemap.xml file of your website via Google webmaster tool (in the sitemap section) so that search engine can understand your website structure and quickly start to index webpages of your website.

  3. Submit your website to external business directories relevant to your website. Because this will help to speed up the process as back-links from high authority external websites will help boost your website visbility in short and long run. 

  4. Open social media accounts on popular websites such as Facebok, Twitter, Linkedin and create your website business profile with your website URL in it.

  5. Publish high quality unique, informative information on your websites pages, Google algorithms like it.

  6. Start email marketing campaign to encourage people to spend time on your new websites, this will help Google algorithms to think your websites is important that’s why people are spending time on it.

  7. If you have some experience on blog post or you have budget to hire a link builder, try to post couple of blog post articles on external websites with your website link in it. This process will help to boost your website rankings and make indexation faster.


If you would like to find out that if your new website has been indexed? Simply type your website full URL / Website Name in Google search, any indexed pages will show up in Google search results. For any further information or advice, please feel free to contact our seo team and we will be happy to share our opinion with you.

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