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Google is the king amongst all other search engines, so having your website visible on the top pages of Google for most of your business relevant queries means a lot of business and profit for your business. SEO is the way to achieve that online success on Google.

What is Search Engine Optimisation: SEO is the process to optimise your website with all of the SEO elements so that it can appear and rank well on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO should be done as per Google quality guidelines and white hat SEO methodologies. Google wants to give the best user experience to its online searchers, therefore if your website qualifies to give that experience to online surfers then you are the winner as Google will rank your website higher.

How Do Search Engines Work: Search engines use crawlers to find webpages on the internet and store those webpages in their index tables. Search engines use their algorithms to prioritise webpages based on hundreds of rankings factors and display those webpages in order when searchers type their query in search engines.

On-site and off-site SEO techniques are used to promote business websites on search engines. As the name implies, on-site SEO means carrying out the work on your website including implementing the header tags, meta tags, design and content etc, whereas off-site optimisation is the technique of promoting your website externally e.g. link building, social media marketing etc.

Some of the most common SEO practices are:

SEO Helps to Succeed Online

We help local businesses with our high quality content writing, search engine optimisation, link building, blogger outreach, website design and social media marketing services. Our capacity to help start-ups and small businesses in the Newport region makes us an exclusive and precious asset for your local business.

Setting up a new website or maintaining an established website can be extremely difficult while running day to day business. We help local businesses to flourish online. With years of experience and knowledge of SEO techniques, we can help your business website achieve the level you need the most. SEO marketing your business, designing new website and optimising your established business website or writing content is only a few of our specialities in the field of search engine optimisation.

Manual Link Building

Our link building team arrange trustworthy and credible inbound links for your company website. Every inbound link improves search engine rankings for your website; increase the reputation of your company and improves its domain authority. We work with bloggers with a large following and they can considerably raise the traffic to your company website. We find the most suitable bloggers to write about your website products and services. Our link building services include getting links from other high domain authority websites.

Outstanding Web Design Services

Web developers at RB SEO company knows exactly what make an impact on a website visitor. We focus on designing websites with fast response, good navigation and SEO friendly features. Your website visitors will only hang about on your website if you can convince them. Not only do our professional web development team make your Newport company website look attractive and responsive, but we also ensure top notch functionality & navigability as well.

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SEO Friendly Content

We can assist your Newport company website become more visible online through extraordinary search engine optimisation techniques. Our research and analysis wing have successfully helped thousands of businesses to achieve top rankings on Google and other popular search engines. With continued effort, we can improve your website rank in search engine results pages for all of your business related keywords, delivering the required outcome.

Choose the Right Keyword

Choosing proper Keywords is a very important task because it can attract more visitors to your website and improve search engine performance for all of your main key-terms. Our keyword research team analyse various keywords, based on your search volume, target audience, location and several other factors. Once we have your keywords list ready, we get your approval on the keywords before starting to implement them on your website.

High Online Competition

We understand that online rival businesses pose a great threat to your website traffic and sales. Therefore, part of our search engine optimisation effort involves closely analysing the technique to SEO for rival companies. Based on this sophisticated approach, we can modify or change our methodologies as well. The aim is to keep your website ranked higher than your rival businesses in Newport, ensuring you receive the most website traffic and sales.

Get in Touch 

If your website is not properly optimised and website visitors are leaving your website quickly. You should immediately take the help of professional SEO agency. We offer high quality content writing, link building, web design, SEO and blogger outreach services to Newport businesses at affordable rates. We make sure that your website achieves and maintains top position on SERP’s.

Newport Local Companies FAQ’s

What Is Your Suggestion for SEO Friendly Web Design?

Create better internal linking structure and navigation. Make proper use of canonical tags and carry out detailed competitor analysis. Optimise your website images and use a text based logo. Avoid duplicate content on your pages and avoid dynamic URL’s. Avoid Flash and write SEO friendly & human readable content.


Is SEO Still Relevant?

SEO is still very much relevant and useful but there are some SEO practices that can be considered redundant, for example: relying only on link building, focusing too much on target keywords or keyword stuffing, aiming to win over search engines and not people, choosing quantity or quality and putting too much stress on content volume.


What Are The Key Features of WordPress?

WordPress offers an enormous range of important free and premium plugins that add functionality and better back end management. Images are stored in well structured galleries, can be edited and optimised easily. The WordPress website builder is also ideal for ecommerce websites & WordPress themes are mobile responsive.

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