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Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Important

Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

You must be wondering if your website is mobile friendly or not. A simple way to perform that test is by using the “Google Mobile Friendly Test” tool – enter your website URL and Google will tell you instantly whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Traditional methods of using the internet on a computer or laptop are changing, and more people are switching to mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets. The majority of online users use Smartphones to check the news, weather, emails, to find information through search engines, use many apps or to communicate with their family or friends. Many studies suggest that mobile use is exceeding desktop computer or laptop use at a fast pace.

Mobile friendly responsive design means that your website fits in the size of any mobile device screen being used; in other words, a website designed to display on small screens such as those of Smartphones or tablets.

If you already have a website but it is not mobile friendly, and you are wondering how to make your website mobile friendly, there are two ways to do this:

  1. Design a separate website optimised for mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets.

  2. Design/adjust your main desktop website so that it becomes responsive. A responsive design fits any screen size whether it is a desktop PC, laptop, Smartphone or tablet.

To use any of the above two methods you need to take some assistance of a web developer as there is no quick way to just press one button and switch your website from desktop design to a mobile friendly version. 

15 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website:

A mobile friendly website version is different from the desktop website in terms of use and ease of functionality, therefore having a mobile friendly version that works well on Smartphones and provides hassle free access to your audience can also improve your business traffic and revenue. We have outlined some reasons why it is important to have a mobile friendly version of your website:


  • Google prefers mobile friendly websites as they give a good experience to their mobile users.

  • Consumers prefer mobile friendly websites due to their ease of use and clear functionality.

  • A mobile friendly website makes your brand trustworthy and improves its reputation.

  • Your competitors will win and you will lose business if you do not have a mobile friendly website.

  • Mobile friendly website can improve your website traffic and sales.

  • Mobile devices have a higher conversion rate than desktop devices.

  • Mobile friendly website engages your customers more than the desktop version.

  • Mobile friendly websites look better on Smartphones than the desktop version on smart devices.

  • Google is taking some rankings signals from the mobile version of your website rather than the desktop version.

  • Mobile friendly website text is easy to read and engages your visitors on your website.

  • Touch friendly buttons on mobile devices provide easy navigation functionality.

  • Mobile friendly websites are fast to load.

  • Makes it easy for customers to contact your business.

  • Mobile devices are easier to use than desktop devices as they are normally within reach.

  • Online purchase on mobile devices is going to increase dramatically over the next few years.


To sum up, websites are mandatory for online businesses and the mobile friendly version is turning out to be the backbone of the main desktop website version. Therefore to attract more traffic, leads and improve your sales figures, you must look at your mobile friendly version and try to improve it if you have any issues with it, or setup a new mobile friendly website if you don’t already have one.

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