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What is SEO & How it Works

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the best approach to boost your online visibility on Google and other major search engines. Seo and its techniques change every year with regular Google algorithmic updates. SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving your website visibility on search engine result pages. 

Search engine optimisation helps to improve website traffic through online search results. SEO is free organic methodology focused on marketing products, services and information through search engines.

Performing SEO on a website helps target audiences find answers or solutions to their questions/queries on search interface. If a business can fulfil the needs of prospective customers, SEO can give it the desired exposure on web. Also, if a website’s WebPages appears above competitor’s websites, potential customers trust it more. They are more likely to click through and eventually, get converted. 

Why Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimisation?

Why should a business rely just on SEO when there are number of other marketing techniques? What makes it such a fundamental technique for businesses of all sizes?


  • SEO is essential as the majority of web traffic to websites comes from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

  • Compared to the adwords that appear on top of search pages, online visitors are more likely to click the organic search results as they are considered more trustworthy and reliable.

  • Search engine optimising a website leads to better online visibility, which in turn results in higher traffic, leads and sales. 

  • Organic search listings are free on all search engines therefore seo improvements of a website can result in a business receiving continual benefits for short and long time. 

  • SEO has many other benefits e.g. search engine optimisation can help a business take advantage of Google advanced organic search features like Related Questions on Google and Featured Snippets.

  • SEO is an inexpensive method that can be tried out by business with lower budget, and if executed as per Google quality guidelines, can lead to high rankings on search engines. 

  • Publishing seo friendly content on your website further helps your website to establish relevance on search engines. Once your WebPages have been optimised with the content they will keep working in your website favour. 

  • Search engine optimisation can be performed on the content of your WebPages and through seo elements such as header tags, meta data and footer section. This leads to better business authority and catapults a business towards greater online success.


How Search Engine Optimisation Works?

Crawling - Search engine spiders and crawlers perform thorough scanning of a webpage’s different sections, meta data, keywords, titles, header tags, body section, footer section images, and hyperlinks. Crawlers also crawl external websites to discover inbound links leading back to your website. 

Indexing – Indexing a webpage is the next step after crawling. One can consider the index as a huge database of relevant webpage links from all across the world. A webpage or website can take anywhere between a day to more than a week to get indexed. As soon as new changes on a website or WebPages are crawled, indexing restarts again and this process continues.

Selecting results - When a user enters a search query on search engine interface, the search engine uses numerous important algorithms to select, obtain and display search results to the user.

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