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SEO Result Oriented Approach

SEO is the backbone of any online business and sufficient growth without technical SEO is not possible. Building a new website and launching it without applying methodological SEO will not produce adequate results for your Armagh business on Google and other search engines. A proper keyword analysis, link building approach and well written content are all crucial factors help in gaining top ranks.

To gain good rankings for your website on Google and other search engines, you must perform;

We perform detailed keyword analysis for your Armagh business based on multiple metrics including search volume and geographical locations. Choosing the right competitive keywords for your business is extremely important otherwise your business can move into the wrong direction and chase non worthy web traffic.

Alongside SEO there is another SEO functionality that cannot be ignored because ignoring your competitor analysis can be harmful for your business. We study, analyse and monitor your competitors SEO methodologies and compare it with your own to produce the best strategy for your business that can beat your competitors on search engines.

To give big push to your website rankings on Google and other search engines, link building or blogger outreach is a strategy you must invest in. We find high quality, trustworthy and high domain authority inbounds links for your website that help to rank your website high on SERP’s. Inbound linking from high domain authority websites can improve the credibility of your own Armagh website business domain.

Improve Website Organic Traffic

Our result oriented search engine optimisation services objective is to improve your website keyword rankings, web traffic and overall online visibility on major search engines. Gaining top rankings is one thing but maintaining it and staying on the top positions is not an easy job, you require continuous SEO efforts to stay ahead of your competitors on search engines.

SEO is not just writing the Meta tags and stuffing them with keywords anymore. SEO is all about high quality link building and blogger outreach, website responsiveness, top quality contents, SEO friendly website design and how well you are using social media platforms and how popular your brand is amongst the online community.  All of these factors determine the rankings of your website on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Some unprofessional SEO companies or freelancers use black hat SEO methodologies to give quick push to client website rankings to show fast results but we do not follow such practices. All of our SEO work is white hat and Google quality guidelines based. We use white hat seo techniques such as keyword research and analysis, competitor analysis, website optimisation, performance monitoring, content writing, link building, blogger outreach and more. Our objective is to make maximum positive impact and give you high return on your investment possible. You can be rest assured that our on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation techniques will bring your Armagh business to the top of SERP’s.

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If your existing Armagh seo company is not giving enough return on your investment or your link building campaign is not producing the desired results, RBSEO can help lessen your hassle. With 15+ years of SEO experience and vast knowledge of online marketing methodologies, we offer top quality search engine optimisation, link building, website design, blogger outreach, social media marketing and content writing services to local Armagh businesses. Read on to find more information about our services below.

SEO Services - Our professional SEO marketing team come forth to present you with 360 degree SEO & web design services at affordable rates that cover link building, content writing, SEO, Google adwords, blogger outreach and social media marketing services. Rest assured, we will try our best to serve your Armagh business with the outmost SEO & web design services. Using monthly SEO and link building reports we keep you updated about your campaign progress.

Informative Content Writing - Our highly professional and experienced content writers prepare engaging, informative and SEO friendly content for your Armagh business website. We make sure you are happy and fully satisfied with our content writing work.


Link Building - We partner with 10000+ real bloggers and can arrange links for your website from high authority domains. We can use link building program to promote your Armagh website and gain high quality inbound links from their trustworthy domains. Our link building service can result in national or even global recognition for your Armagh business.

SEO Services Armagh

If your website is not discoverable on search engines then you are losing a lot of business and your competitor’s are winning the game. Your Armagh business website should rank in the first two pages of Google to attract maximum traffic. We at RB SEO are the team to achieve such a feat. With years of experience and professionalism, we understand how important is for a business to achieve top rankings on search engines to improve its revenue.

Choosing keywords based on the search volume and competitiveness is likeliest to draw web traffic and sales to your business website. Updating your website regularly with informative and well written content is a best tool to gain top rankings because Google penalise such websites that remain static for a long period of time. The role of link building in SEO can also not be denied because link building is a backbone of search engine optimisation and gaining high quality inbound links from reliable domains can improve your website rankings and domain authority on Google and other search engines.

At RB SEO, we create monthly reports, monitor your website performance, keep a close watch on your competitor’s online activities and optimise your website accordingly. Our main objective is to make sure your Armagh website remains on top of SERP’s. We act as a one stop solution for all your SEO and web design requirements. If you are looking for SEO, link building, web design, content writing, social media or any other marketing services, please get in touch.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

What Are SEO Friendly URLs?

SEO friendly URLs are optimised for SEO; they are keyword rich and short. Create your webpage URL based on the keywords related to the topic of that page. They should be clear and focussed; try not to make them too long and avoid keyword stuffing in the URL’s.


How Can We Improve Our Website Speed?

Improving your website speed can be very beneficial for your SEO and user experience. Your webpages should be simple and clean. Use popular fonts on your webpages, avoid using too many plug-ins, compress images, avoid overloading your webpages with videos, images & animations, and fix broken links.


What Is Call to Action?

Call to Action (CTA) is very useful in encouraging your website visitors to buy your products or services. CTA massively improves conversion rate. Call to Action buttons should be placed in appropriate locations on your webpages to point website visitors towards your conversion goal. Call to Action buttons are, for example, sign up, contact us, cart button, free trial, download, phone us, submit etc.

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