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eLearning Solutions

Innovative & customised e-Learning software development solutions

One Stop E-Learning Software Development solutions:

Are you looking for the ideal e-learning software solution in the UK? At RBSEO, we build e-learning software solutions, delivering synchronous, uninterrupted online learning solutions. We also develop e-learning websites and mobile applications as per the needs and requirements of organisations. Through our e-learning design and development solutions, we help businesses identify e-learning needs, evaluate solutions, create a strategy, and develop content with skilled subject experts. Irrespective of the device requirements, we fulfil the target audience's needs and boost their performance in no time. 

Solutions Devised to Meet Organisational Goals:

We have a strong team of individuals comprising instructional designers, media technologists, and content developers who strategise, develop, and deliver a complete e-Learning software solution to meet the target audience's needs. We also design and develop e-learning websites and mobile applications for businesses to stay abreast with the changing times. By keeping pace with the technological developments, we devise solutions to enhance people's performance. We deliver customised e-Learning software solutions with the help of our competent team, who understands and assesses the needs and objectives. The software solutions primarily focus on carrying out an efficient learning method that is beneficial for all. 

As an e-Learning software development company, we are passionate about curating software solutions that focus on improving the workforce's behaviour, skills, and performance. We deliver tangible results to the organisation by blending instructional design strategies and visual design principles. We aim to help several industry verticals involved in developing interactive and engaging solutions and match their unique requirements. We are committed to addressing your learning and performance challenges through innovative custom e-Learning app and website development solutions aligned to meet your organisational goals. 

Our suite of e-learning service solutions: 

Custom e-learning: 
RBSEO assists organisations in meeting the varied learnings of diverse learners. The custom services are aimed at identifying e-learning needs. This is done by creating strategy, identifying solutions, creating storyboards, and content with the help of skilled experts developing e-learning courses. We based our findings on modern instructional design to create a compelling learning experience. Our designers make most of the interactive elements, including stories, gamification, themes, etc., to engage learners. We capture the learner's attention with the help of job-relevant storylines and dynamic design. 

Interactive videos: 
The short attention span of new-age learners welcomes the dawn of interactive videos. We at RBSEO create engaging e-learning videos as a part of the software comprising several attractive features such as Bookmarking, Drag, Zoom, 360 degrees view, and much more. The features come together to improve interactivity further and retain knowledge successfully. 

Translation and localisation: 
RBSEO offers the perfect blend of professional linguists, multimedia and instructional designers, and localisation engineers to meet the learning objectives. We offer a host of localisation services, including dubbing, voiceover, video editing, subtitling, desktop publishing, etc. We not only localise the course content but also the user elements and performance support tools such as mobile apps, infographics, eBooks/interactive PDFs, and much more. The localisation engineers make most of their hands-on experience with several authoring tools to sync the audio-video elements in the final course.
Game based learning: 
Game-based learning is designed to balance subject matter with gameplay, enabling the learners to retain and apply the subject matter. Through this approach, students can explore several aspects of games in a learning context. The students and teachers collaborate to add depth and a deeper perspective to the game experience. The right game-based learning applications can draw us into virtual environments which look and feel familiar and relevant. We design game-based learning solutions which have the potential to transform routine and mundane tasks into an engaging experience. 

Blended learning: 
E-learning software development solutions deliver a learning approach, comprising a successful training strategy, and blended learning solutions that boost the benefits of technology. This creates multiple learning opportunities that enable learners to undergo training at their own pace. We specialise in curating thoughtful design and development of software, websites and mobile applications to engage learners. We design tailored learning experiences to meet the individual and organisational needs of the modern world. By working as your partner, we guide you through the process of selecting an ideal combination of training options to meet the outcomes and goals. 

Mobile learning: 
Our mobile e-learning software solutions assist organisations in improving performances. RBSEO creates mobile learning solutions for trusted modern-day learners that are accessible and engaging. The new trend in learning includes interactive elements which engage the workforce. We integrate lecture videos, e-books, audiobooks, and much more in our m-learning modules. By incorporating interactivities, animations, and character sets, the software offers engaging mobile-friendly modules for new-age learners and converts existing training modules into mobile-compatible programs. 

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Why choose our e-learning software development solutions?

Relevant and authentic: 
We customise our content to fit the culture and context of an organisation. The software is designed adhering to the brand and style guidelines. 

Learner oriented: 
The software learning programs are focused on delivering learner-oriented software solutions that are visually rich and attract learners by offering a personalised learning experience. 

Fast and responsive:
We design fast and responsive websites and mobile applications for organisations. Irrespective of the device type, such as desktop, tablet, mobile, etc, the websites and mobile applications can be browsed efficiently.

Interactive learning module:
We design several interactive learning modules to test the knowledge and decision-making skills of the learners.

Dynamic nature:
Our dynamic nature of e-Learning software courses opens doors for a true digital learning experience and helps individuals track their progress via learning management systems (LMS). 

Custom e-Learning approach: 
We provide personalised e-Learning approaches to assist organisations adapt to a learning method as per their specific operations and working style. We also develop personalised e-learning websites and applications based upon the business needs.

Consult with our experts to embrace an e-learning approach that complies with your timelines and brings customised e-learning software, website or application solutions to suit your unique business needs.

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