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Email Marketing

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Emails are a well-known medium to market your products and services. RB SEO delivers a refreshing and quirky marketing material for your company’s emails.

Email Automation - We Can Help You Achieve It!

Sending emails manually to your clients can be a daunting task. However, now you can be free from worries. We can make automation possible and achievable for your business. Now, you can sit back and see time-based drip series and recurring emails reach your client on time without input from developers. 

Our service can simplify your digital marketing pursuit by launching automation in just hours with triggers that your system already has in place. Automation also allows you to perform email campaigns for welcoming new customers, sending invites to special events or discounts and wishing individual customers on their birthdays. In marketing, every little effort counts.
However, automation does not reduce your control over the emails reaching your customers. You can check individual mails and tweak content as per your wish.

We Believe Content Is King

How the email reaches your client is meaningless if the content inside does not entice them to make a purchase. Therefore, we emphasise on creating SEO-friendly and attractive email content for your business. Our team of enthusiastic writers and graphic designers can paint a tempting picture, making it impossible for your clients to ignore.

The best part of this process is that you can provide constructive feedback at any time. We change the content as per your requirements and deliver a product suiting your needs and target audience. Rest assured, during email content creation, we do not change your custom HTML codes.

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Why Approach Us?

Now that you know what we do, here are some aspects that you stand to gain when working with us.

• Creation of targeted email campaigns should result in an improved conversion rate.
• Formation of an email template both easy to adapt and work with, irrespective of the email service provider.
• Generation of a perfect copy to successfully attract customers to your products and services.


Our email designers and copywriters follow a disciplined framework while completing their work. The process starts with defining the email marketing campaign, which then proceeds to the design stage. Next, we prepare the copy and send the same to the client. Based on the feedback, we either make the necessary changes or proceed to test. Lastly, we send completed mail, measure and report the efficacy of the same. 

Adhering to this process ensures complete client satisfaction, as we leave enough room for feedback. Our website design services go hand-in-hand with the email marketing teams to ensure the success of companies and businesses. We ensure that you maintain a digital presence so that your customers are aware of events, offers and discounts on your services and products.

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