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If you want a new website, want to remodel an existing website or create a sister website for your present business, you can hire RB SEO. We are a leading website design company offering avant-garde services to all our clients. 

RBSEO brings you a host of web design services. With years of experience in the design industry, we have made a prominent niche for ourselves. Our web design agency experts try their level best to create effective and user-friendly websites for you. 


RBSEO is a reputed website design company offering unique and powerful websites. Our website design company tailors the sites as per your needs, so that you can get the desired advantage over your competitors. Our affordable services do not cut a hole in your pocket and you can not only launch a business new site, but also change your present site or launch a sister website for your business. 

With an eye for detail, we create SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly, CMS driven websites for both business and personal portfolio websites.

Our team of design experts use their knowhow and understanding of the need of clients to create easy to manage, SEO-friendly and customized website. We constantly strive to improve our performance and deliver appealing websites to each of our clients. With the aim to drive traffic and conversion, we make sure that all our creations are equally stunning and usable. 


We Follow an Easy Work Process

If you have a design in mind, our designers will happily work for it. Whatever you choose to do, you only have to pay us initial amount of the total agreed sum as an advance. We ask for your inputs, once we have designed the site and make changes within 48 hours. With an aim to offer 100 % satisfaction to our clients, we keep making changes till you are okay with the design. 


SEO-friendly Sites to Increase your Visibility

Our designers put in every effort to optimize your site for the search engine. Our creations are sure to bring traffic and ultimately sales to your business. 

CMS Driven Site to Enable Smooth Workflow 

Our sites are developed in a manner that enable you to have total control on them. With our high-end services, you can always rest assured that the flow of your work will remain intact, even if you want to change the content. 

With easy navigation and well-designed format, we bring you a wonderful rendition of the online existence of your business. 
RBSEO makes sure that you can make changes in your site’s content without having much technical knowledge. Our CMS driven site will allow you to have total control over your online business content. With a strong CMS solution, we ensure  Plugin Installations, Version Upgrades or Custom Plugins. 

With the target to help you become a leader in the industry, we offer scalable and interactive CMS solutions. The best thing about CMS is that you can update or remove content in spite of not being a technical expert. Our website design company offer Plugin Installations, Version Upgrades, development of Modules for your website. With a robust CMS solution, you can comfortably maintain your workflow even, if you are making changes in the content. 

Our Designs are Both Mobile-friendly and Desktop-friendly
Our responsive website designs are compatible on both mobile phones and desktops. They offer a complete user experience to your end customers. We make sure that our designs are fluid, fast and stay intact when the orientation alters. Our web design agency professionals set images in a manner, so as to facilitate their viewing on a smaller screen. The best thing about such websites is that you do not have to invest much on creating different websites for different devices. 
At RBSEO, we craft responsive websites for you. Whether you are opening the site from a desktop or a mobile device, you can rest assured of a convenient viewing experience. Our website design company creates fast and fluid sites that are compatible on all devices. 
Allow your clients to get uniform viewing experience from our mobile-friendly sites. They can have an optimized viewing experience, even if they access your site from different devices with varying width and

Some tips for SEO-friendly Web Design

The entire look and feel of a website depends on the quality of its design elements. A fast and responsive website is more appealing to users compared to slow and shabby ones. But did you know that the quality of web design also has a direct relation with SEO outcomes?
The combination of design elements used on a page impact its usability. It’s coding, style elements, navigational features and responsiveness are all important determinants of user experience. Potential customers who visit your website and find a hard-to-navigate clunky mess may never come back.

But many businesses who have reasonably good web design still fail to generate leads? It is because they should consider design from an SEO UK point of view. Websites must be constructed or modified considering the requirements of search engine optimisation. 
SEO web design revolves around certain guidelines that are not that difficult to comprehend. Making a few design tweaks can result in massive improvements to your design. Business websites can show up higher in the rankings as better design translates to improved user experience. Read on to get a better idea about some innovative SEO-friendly web design tips. 


Advanced SEO Web Design Tips:

• Keep HTML section free of scripts
• Optimise your page URLs for SEO 
• Create relevant image alt attributes 
• Keep your page content current 
• Have search engine friendly navigation 
• Present content in a search-friendly manner 
• Put away pages that are not to be crawled 
• Focus on optimising header tags use 
• Be compliant with W3C design standards 
• Metadata for each page must be unique

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WordPress vs Wix vs Weebly vs Squarespace

Building your website today is quite a feasible proposition and one that does not require hiring any developers. The wide range of free and reasonably priced website platforms have made it all possible. Some of the most widely used site builder platforms today are WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace and Wix. Each of these offers the average person with powerful site-building and SEO tools. Anyone can build an engaging site without the hassle of having to learn programming languages from scratch.
The choice of a site builder platform is one of the most important and fundamental steps of establishing a website. Several factors must be considered before getting a determined answer. How your website appears, its navigation features, back-end management ease and the overall experience it offers to users are all crucial. Web design elements are also major selection criteria.

Which Site Builder Platform Can Suit your Needs the Best?

# WordPress - Themes from renowned designers and developers are easily accessible. You can also visit dedicated theme stores to purchase eye-catching and highly-responsive custom themes. Steep but rewarding learning curve, full control over all elements. Many WordPress themes are mobile-responsive, offering uniform and seamless experiences across all devices. Themes and plugin licenses can be purchased, customised and migrated easily.

# Wix - Wix offers several ready-to-implement templates for designers, businesses, hotels and restaurants, among others. Users can drag and drop elements to create their website, and no technical knowledge is required. Wix is renowned for the ease of use it offers to first-time or inexperienced site creators. Video tutorials are provided to make things easier for users. You get access to several features through the platform, i.e. hosting, site builder, blog, pages, scheduler, and online storage. 

# Weebly - Weebly offers more than a hundred sleek and professional themes, which all have several colour variations. Every theme on Weebly is mobile responsive. Themes can also be edited for mobile devices with its mobile editor. Thousands of free and paid photos are available to use on Weebly websites. Integrated analytics exhibit all statistics like page views, visitor sources, search terms. Weebly sites are hosted on the cloud and ensure easy access to resources. 

#SquareSpace - All SquareSpace packages come with hosting and custom domains. It eliminates the need for any external services to get a site up and running. SquareSpace itself handles security and site backups. It comes with drag and drop site creation and can be built without any programming language skills. Getting started is incredibly easy and fast. A block-based responsive web design system ensures peak functionality on desktop and mobile alike.


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