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SEO Content Fundamentals for Beginners

The relationship between SEO and content is quite vital to the Search engine optimisation depends on the creation and publishing of high-quality content. Every single SEO method involves the utilisation of unique and purpose-based content. 

SEO Content - What is it?

Content that is written specifically for obtaining higher keyword rankings on the search engines is known as ‘SEO content’. The term also involves the modification of existing content with the right set of keywords and phrases.

Creating fresh and dynamic SEO content is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing. It raises the flow of high-quality traffic to specific pages of a website. Search engine crawlers index a page based on the quality, relevance and usefulness of its content. 

What are the Requirements for Optimising Content?


  • Finding the most relevant keywords - The process of keyword research is vital for planning any form of content optimisation. The content for a page should be written only after searching the most high-value keywords. It is also important to find keywords that possess some search volume i.e. target audiences use it to conduct searches. 

  • Optimising the use of keywords - Just knowing the right keywords and including them within a web page is not effective. One has to utilise a keyword in the right proportion and at the right places. SEO content writing deals with using a keyword naturally. Optimisation with keywords raises the probability of pages reaching better rankings on leading search engines. 

  • Sharing and link building - Sharing content across online and social platforms can help you increase the visibility and traffic flow of a page. One can also consider external and internal link building to direct users to their pages. These are practical ways of promoting your optimised content. 

  • Keeping your content organised - The structure of a website plays a major role in terms of SEO content optimisation. It is as important as optimising the content of each page. A well-organised website is easier for users to find, and keeps them engaged for longer. It can also enable a better experience for users. 

Content optimisation for SEO should not be focused solely on reaching the highest ranking on search engine result pages. The content of a page should be useful to both users and the search engines. Being found faster than your competitors has no value if your content fails to resonate with readers.

What are The Main Types of SEO Content?

Content used for search engine optimisation may include -


  • Blogs - Every business should consider investing its efforts into creating and maintaining a blog site. A well-written and informative blog post is one of the best types of SEO content. It is a form of natural conversation between a business and its customers. Business owners can even consider creating a blogger outreach strategy to continually bring traffic to their websites. 

  • Articles - Articles are also widely used for creating backlinks to the intended pages of websites. They can contain anything from company or industry news, features and even interviews. Publishing optimised articles on authority websites can boost businesses chances of ranking success. 

  • Guides - Guides are interesting as they do more than just educating your base of potential and existing customers. A guide can consist of many sections and spread across several pages. SEO optimised guides can keep visitors on your website for longer durations and raise trust in your business. 

  • Video - Video can give your business an upper hand as opposed to conventional forms of written content. Google and its search engine peers have built a preference on video and so have users. Video has also become a central focus of most high profile digital marketing campaigns. Promotional videos, product demos and tutorials are some popular video forms for your business. 

  • Lists - List articles are more appealing to users than their more formal counterparts. Engaging list-type content is better at raising interest and influencing potential customers. List article titles have better chances of receiving clicks and are also preferred by search engine crawlers. They are quite ideal for social sharing.  

  • Infographics - Infographics have become one of the most popular forms of SEO content due to their effectiveness. Most audiences love the combination of eye-opening statistics, images, graphs and charts. It is a great way for them to consume information objectively and on-the-go. Keep in mind that you have to include some optimised text content along with an infographic to increase crawlability. 

  • Product pages - Businesses selling products directly over the Internet have an advantage from an SEO perspective. Content writing for e-commerce product pages should be done with appropriate keyword research. A web page can rank better if it has crisp and reader-friendly descriptions with relevant focus keywords. Optimised descriptions raise the credibility of product pages and help them fetch a higher number of conversions.

  • Slideshows - Slideshows have been used as a popular form of SEO content by thousands of businesses over the years. They continue to be useful for the ranking needs of companies across industries. Spreading your message through images and keyword-infused titles, descriptions and captions can yield positive results. 

Planning SEO Content 


  1. Have a clear objective - An SEO content strategy should have clearly outlined objectives i.e. gaining traffic, visibility or conversions. The objectives determine what type of content should be used. 

  2. Do audience research - All content on your pages should be written with the target audience in mind. Your audience plays a central role in choosing content type, approach and posting frequency. 

  3. Evaluate the results - One form of content might not work for your business and this completely fine. But there needs to be a system to evaluate the results you are getting. It can help you optimise your SEO content efforts. 


The right type of SEO content can catapult your business to the top of search engines. Get in touch with a reputed agency to create an effective content strategy.

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