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The Internet is a highly competitive market place, with several companies vying for the top spot. RB SEO can assist your organisation to emerge victorious in this race and drive consumer interest. Our expertise in handling local clients makes us apt for your small Durham business. Here are some specialised services we offer.

A Guaranteed Top Spot in Search Results

Consumers find your business when they search for related products or services on Google or other search engines. However, due to the immense competition, the rank of your website amongst the countless others in the search engine results page depends on your site’s SEO. Referring to search engine optimisation, SEO is a set of guidelines to improve ranking. 

Our experienced team of UK SEO analysts and keyword researchers ensure that your website ranks high and receives a considerable amount of traffic. For your Durham business, we can research a separate set of keywords, finding the ones that perform the best in the region. Rest assured, we avoid keyword stuffing to ensure the best possible rank for the site.

Another important part of SEO is link building. Trustworthy and secure links inside the website content are crucial to achieving the desired ranks. Our SEO UK team members can acquire these links and incorporate them into your business’s site. Due to our experience in the field, we can easily source such hyperlinks, which would be difficult to find otherwise. 

However, our company has tasted success due to the continued support to websites even after initial optimisation is complete. Regular competitor analysis and rank checks allow us to closely monitor the performance of your website. This ensures that your search engine rankings remain steady and relatively constant.

We fulfil our promises when it comes to SEO. All we ask for is a bit of patience as optimisation is a time-consuming task.     

Taking Charge of Your Marketing Efforts

When using the Internet to grow your business, you must understand that digital marketing is vastly different when compared to offline marketing. The marketers we hire possess years of training and expertise in the field. They study your company and products/services diligently before designing a campaign for the business. Using PPC and other advertising, we can guarantee a considerable increase in lead generation and conversion rates.

Writing to win consumers’ hearts

Content writing is in high demand today. Website content must be precise, easy to understand, interesting and informative. The authors we employ can produce top-quality work for your website, giving a unique spin to every topic. These write-ups are designed to hook consumers, forcing them to read more, while growing their interest in your business.

Outreach Programmes to Spread the Word

If you want to connect to a particular target audience, we can help you achieve this through our link building solutions. We delve deep into our blogger database to find a social media influencer who can create the most impact on your target demographic. With better engagement and more reputable links, such programmes can secure the position of your business online.

Designing Your Website for Maximum Effect

Using CSS3, HTML5 and a range of other tools, our developers can weave magic into your website design. Faster loading times and better responsiveness are the two areas we focus on the most when coming up with viable website design.


Simply getting a website to be functional may seem easy, to begin with, however, maintaining it in the long run is a continuous process that requires a lot of effort. But you need not sweat as long as you have RBSEO at your side. Our team of professionals can take care of content creation, optimisation, online marketing, boosting your reach, increasing lead generation and more. Our expertise in helping small scale businesses across Durham makes us a valuable partner for your company. Read on to know more about the services we provide.

1. Create a stir with the help of bloggers

With an extensive blogger database at our disposal, we can get in touch with influencers and agree on a deal with them. Link building efforts essentially mean paying popular bloggers to promote your company’s products and services through their write-ups. As their followers read their copy, more people become aware of your business and look you up on the internet.

2. Grab more eyeballs with well-written copies

Each visitor on your website is a prospective client. Our content writing unit can deliver the appropriate pieces that will eventually increase traffic flow and positively influence lead generation. They can create fresh, informative and interesting copies that get readers hooked from the very first sentence. Besides, RBSEO also have expert proofreaders and editors in their employ, who crosscheck every post before they go up on your site. 

3. Designs second to none 

Not only do our skilled web designers make your company's website look amazing, but they also ensure that it is user-friendly and compatible across multiple mediums. With fast loading, seamless navigation and mobile-specific versions, our web designing mantra is quite simple - accessibility to all users regardless of their internet speed or device. With the use of CSS3 and HTML5 programs, our web design team can truly create wonders.

Do you want to improve your website sales & traffic! Get in touch

4. Marketing like a boss!

Achieving perfect online marketing is complicated and requires a wealth of experience. But you need not worry as the marketers working with us have the necessary skills and experience to offer the right kind of digital marketing services your business demands. We undertake online reputation management, smm and ppc campaigns to make your business more popular amongst target costumers.

5. Optimisation to unlock maximum benefits 

Perhaps the most significant aspect of bringing your business online is the all-important optimisation for search engines. Content that lacks in the desired optimisation gets low ranking on the search engine results page, thereby pushing your business site to the 6th or 7th page in results feed. Since the majority of visitors do not look beyond the first two pages, your website will not receive the desired traffic.

Our competent SEO analysts not only perform keyword research but they also fish out the high-performing words and phrases that are later included in the website's content to maximise reach. As the keywords are selected, our writers incorporate them in blogs and articles. This entire process improves the ranking of the website and moves towards better lead generation.
At RB SEO, we keep track of competitor business websites to figure out how they deal with optimisation. Doing so helps us serve you better as we stay a step ahead of the others. Through regular posts, link building and devising other strategies, we achieve the desired ranking in a matter of weeks.

Is your business site barely contributing to your revenue? Improper management can often limit the effectiveness of your website or online ads in Durham. RBSEO can help you maximise the reach and popularity of the site, using proven marketing, writing and optimisation techniques. Here is a look at some of our services that can bolster your business online.

Optimisation: The key to increasing website traffic

One of the primary reasons why business websites often fail to show the desired results is that people simply cannot find the site on the Internet. Therefore, the traffic flow to the site is minimised, impeding the chances of conversion or new lead generation. The only way to increase website visibility is to ensure impeccable search engine optimisation. 

We are aware of the various Google algorithms, allowing us the opportunity to implement them and achieve higher ranks, as a result. Our experts start with keyword research and implementation. Based on the search volume for each keyword and phrase, we can shortlist the best ones. Whether you want local SEO in Durham or globally, our team can achieve the desired outcome.
After deciding the best keywords, our content creation team incorporates them in the website at strategic places.
Besides the use of keywords, our SEO experts take great care to include external links in your website content. All of the links are sourced from reputable websites, enhancing the credibility of your business site in the process. Both inbound and outbound links are essential in the website to ensure top rankings in the search engine results page. Our work keeps the links in proportion, maximising your chance at attracting new clients.
Lastly, our UK SEO team ensures regular updates to the website, preventing stagnancy. Sites failing to post new content for too long can tumble down the rankings over time.

Marketing your business properly

RBSEO employs a world-class team of marketers who know the importance of promotions and ads for a business’s success. We create the best social media marketing, pay per click campaigns, search engine marketing and many other forms of the campaign. Our digital marketing team effectively increases your reach and garners new leads as a result.

Making each word count

Internet users often skim through content on a website, only rarely reading it thoroughly. Our authors produce write-ups that engage the reader from the first line, enticing them to go through the entire blog or article. With informative pieces, our content writing services ensure maximum readability and interest generation for the topic in question.

Designing eye-catching sites

Our web design team focuses on creating simple but efficient design concepts for your website. Each site we deliver is responsive, easily navigable and extremely fast. We employ both graphic designers and programmers. The latter possess expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and other coding languages.

Creating a name for your website

With our link building options, we can ensure better connectivity between your target audience and your business. Through links from popular bloggers, we can extend the reach of the business, effectively multiplying lead generation and conversion.

Local Businesses FAQ’s

Does SEO Require any Coding?

SEO doesn’t require any coding or programming. On-site and off-site optimisation mainly operates on text information and linking strategies. In order to optimise your website, you need to decide your business keywords and optimise your website’s Meta tags, header tags, body content, URL’s etc with those keywords. In addition, carry out some link building work to further boost the rankings.

Why Do Only First Page Google Results Matter?

When people search for basic information they do tend to go beyond the first or second page of Google but when people search for products or services that businesses are selling or offering online, first page rankings matter for better traffic, leads and sales. That’s why companies are keen to get onto the first page for the majority of their business related keywords.


Does Competitor Analysis Matter?

Yes, it does if done correctly. Knowing what your competitors are doing, what keywords they are targeting, what products or services they are selling most, where they are getting inbound links from etc can help to shape your marketing strategy effectively.

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