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Most businesses spend hours designing their website and preparing for website content. However, lacking fundamental features, such as keyword, inbound links, and the business website ends up with low rank in the search engine results pages. We place highest significance in ensuring ideal search engine optimisation for your company website.

The central part of online marketing strategy is SEO as it plays a major role in increasing the online visibility of your Slough company website. It optimises your website and takes it up on search engine ranking guarantees their search ability in spite of the massive competition. A vigorous marketing strategy endeavours to improve website traffic, sales and decreases bounce rate of your company website. As one of the foremost SEO companies in Slough, we go extra mile to promote our client businesses and achieve top rankings for them. Our efforts are directed at bringing your website to the first page of Google by using Google guidelines based white hat SEO methodologies.

Competitive Analysis - Understand the weaknesses and strengths of online rival businesses to identify the threat your business is facing online.


Keyword Analysis - The accurate keywords drive your search ranking. We can compile a list of high search volume keywords that can take your company website to the peak. Also, we make sure that the keywords are in order with the most recent updates of Google and other search engines.

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Ways to Improve Your Local Slough Business Website Rankings

We have prepared a list of SEO factors that you can use for your local Slough business website to improve keyword positions on SERP’s. If you have recently launched a new website or you are an established local business, these factors can help you to optimise your website as per quality Google guidelines. Search engines want to show searchers the best results that match their queries - user experience has become the top priority of search engines. If your Slough business is lacking online presence or you are paying your SEO agency without any return on your investment then it is high time you looked at your marketing campaign and find ways to improve your website online visibility, rankings and traffic.

  1. Improve your business website structure; make it simple, clean and easy to navigate.

  2. Submit your website to local Google My Business (GMB) website.

  3. Complete your GMB profile with genuine information & start gathering your customers’ reviews slowly.

  4. Improve your website speed. It shouldn’t take more then 3-5 seconds to load otherwise visitors will leave your website and jump to a competitor’s website, which results in a higher bounce rate and in turn affects website rankings on Google.

  5. Make your mobile website responsive so that it adjusts to various devices sizes (smartphones, laptops etc) and gives your visitors a smooth experience.

  6. Gather links from high quality Slough city directories, universities, colleges or local council websites.

  7. Setup your profile pages on major popular social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 

  8. Avoid large images, videos and animations. They can slow the speed of your pages.

  9. Create a contact page on your website and put genuine information about your business premises, phone number, staff, email addresses etc.

  10. Improve your website’s inbound natural links; do not indulge in black hat SEO practises.

  11. Add high quality content on each page of your website; content should be relevant to the products and services of that page.

  12. Add Meta tags (Title, Description, and Keywords) into each page. Meta tags should be related to the products and services of that page, and do not duplicate Meta tags on other pages of your website. Keep Meta tags within the allowed limit.

  13. Add H1 & H2 header tags on each page and use keyword rich phrases in the header tags related to the page.

  14. Use Rich Snippets on your website; they are very useful and improve your local website CTR.

  15. Create a Sitemap of your website and submit to the Google Search Console.

  16. Create SEO friendly keyword rich URL’s, avoid keyword stuffing.

  17. Keep your header section simple and clean.

  18. Find and remove broken links, use 301 re-direct wisely.

  19. Avoid hidden content and use of flash on your website.

  20. Register your website into Google search console and Google analytics account.

  21. Footer section must contain all major navigational links of your website to help your visitors navigate your website easily.

  22. Create pages for T&C’s, privacy page and internet policies; they improve the trustworthiness and seriousness of your business to search engines and your website visitors.

  23. Regularly update your website with new content, products, services etc. Keep your website fresh.

  24. Avoid popups, duplicate content, doorway pages, unnatural links and any other black hat techniques.

  25. Optimise your website images to make them SEO friendly.

Audit and Optimisation - There is no denying the power of SEO audits and optimisation in maintaining the online ranking of the website. Our SEO professionals recognise the imperfections that can be damaging to your website and set them right. 

Promote Your Business - Increased web traffic and lead generation are achieved through good SEO marketing techniques. The RB SEO SEO marketing team is well-trained to work out what your website requires. By analysing your target audience, we initiate our marketing expertise accordingly.

Increase Popularity with Link Building - Blog websites are hugely famous and have the capability to convince online visitors through their work. We leverage blog website owner’s skills to redirect their fans to your business. Our link building program can significantly boost your company domain traffic, visibility and authority.

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We use combination of on-site and off-site SEO marketing techniques to produce the best results for your Slough business website. Google processes millions of searches daily in the UK and the vast majority of web surfers do not go beyond the first or second page of Google. Does your company's website appear on the first page of Google search engine? If it does not show at the first or second page of Google, it means you are losing your online business to your competitors.

Slough Local Businesses FAQ’s

What is UX?

User experience has become the central point of a website as more people are using tablets and smartphones to find information on the web. Making a website compatible for all devices can not only give better user experience to visitors but also improve your website rankings on Google.


Should We Focus on Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing should be at the centre of your SEO marketing efforts. Creating and sharing fresh, informative and engaging content helps in gaining exposure for your business on search engines. Small business owners can create a blogger outreach and focus on keyword optimised content.


Do Online Reviews Matter?

Reviews given to your business by existing customers acts as guidance for potential customers. For the best outcome, the number of positive reviews should outweigh the negative reviews. Business owners should know that customers leaving positive reviews also tend to leave 4 or 5-star ratings. So, the focus of small businesses should be on obtaining as many positive reviews as possible.

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