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Learn How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Proven Ways to Increase Web Traffic

If you wish to transform your website into an income generating model, web traffic is the key to reach that milestone. If there is higher traffic to your website and if your website model has the potential to convert those customers into sales, then you can make massive profits from your online platform. There are several ways to increase web traffic to your website and we have compiled a list of some of the ways you can do this yourself for free below.

Drive Web Traffic with SEO

Search engine optimisation can play an essential role in improving your website organic traffic through Google and other popular search engines. Using Google guidelines based SEO methodologies can improve your website rankings in search engines and bring more online exposure to your website, resulting in higher website traffic. 

In order to carry out proper SEO on your website, prepare a list of target keywords related to your products and services. Carry out detailed keywords analysis and implement the keywords onto your webpages. Optimise your webpages based on both short and long tail key-words. Short keywords are generally competitive keywords belonging to the national market and long tail keywords are normally local keywords helping to attract the local audience. Implement on-site SEO elements properly on your website/pages such as header tags, meta tags including title, description and keywords tag, body content, header and footer section data integration. Improve your website rankings with off-site SEO optimisation techniques such as link building and blog posting. Competitors analysis is very important to gain good rankings for your target key-terms and to improve web traffic.


Key areas of search engine optimisation that can help to improve your website traffic are listed below:

Drive Web Traffic with Content Writing

Content marketing promotes your website in several ways, and encourages people to visit your website and stay on your website for longer. This process attracts traffic, reduces your website bounce rate and ultimately helps to improve your website rankings on Google and other popular search engines. Having top rankings on search engines means higher traffic. All of these elements such as rankings, traffic, SEO, content, back-links are interlinked and impact each other. Implementing all of these on your website properly can bring benefit to your website in terms of traffic and sales.


Key areas of content marketing that can help to improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Write enticing headlines

  • Create content that the online community wants to share

  • Create infographics

  • Produce video content

  • Social sharing buttons

  • Write knowledge based articles

  • Link content internally

  • Regular content writing

  • Keep content up to the minute

Drive Web Traffic with Additional Marketing Methods

There are several other marketing approaches that you can utilise to attract more traffic to your website e.g. in terms of marketing your products and services through email marketing. There are several free email marketing websites that allow you to send a certain number of emails for free to your customers to promote your products and services. You can also submit your website to free online directories to push your rankings higher, which ultimately improves your website traffic. Organise free seminars, quizzes, puzzles to attract more customers to your business website and improve your website traffic.


Key areas of other marketing approaches that you can use to help improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Email marketing

  • List your business in free online directories

  • Gather inbound links

  • Organise free webinars & courses for your audience

  • Participate in forums - Quora, Reddit

  • Create free puzzles, quizzes and contents to attract your audience

  • Advertise at conferences, events & exhibitions

  • Sponsor events & exhibitions

  • Offer free products/services to your customers

  • Brand partnerships

Drive Web Traffic with Social Media Marketing

Use social media marketing to target social networks to spread awareness about your business and promote your products and services online. Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular amongst businesses nowadays, and most businesses are joining social media platforms to promote their products and services because it is mostly free and is the fastest way to connect to a huge online community. Using social media marketing, you can connect the audience to your brand and improve your website traffic and sales. A simple way to start social media marketing is by: determining your goal, knowing your audience, creating attractive content and focussing on quality.


Key areas of social media marketing approaches that you can use to help improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Set-up a Facebook page

  • Set-up a Youtube channel

  • Create an Instagram account

  • Create a Twitter account

  • Connect through Blogger outreach program

  • Stay connected on LinkedIn

  • Image sharing on Pinterest

  • Keep social through any other channel possible

Drive Web Traffic with Online Advertising

Online advertising is a fantastic and fast way to use the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to your target audience. PPC (pay per click) is the most common and effective type of online advertising. Using online advertising you can introduce new products into the market, expand your existing business, increase your sales and traffic, beat your competitors and much more. Online advertising has proven to be extremely profitable for small, medium and corporate businesses as the return on investment is generally very high.


Key areas of online advertising approaches that you can use to help improve your website traffic are listed below:

  • Google PPC Adwords

  • Twitter Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Reddit Ads

  • Youtube Ads

  • Advertise through other online channels and networks

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