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Edinburgh is home to fast-growing businesses and budding start-ups. The competition is high and taking advantage of the internet is the best way to not fall back. RB SEO is an experienced company that deals in digital marketing and search engine optimisation while offering a host of other services.

Search Engine Optimisation: Years of experience in this field has given us a thorough understanding of Google’s guidelines and algorithms. We can now work on any website and make the changes that increase its rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Since internet users are mainly interested in the first results page, the need for SEO is greater than ever.

We emphasize on your competitors to find out what makes their website better or worse and use that information in making alterations to your site. Our keyword researches search and analyse the best performing keywords in your area. When creating content, we carefully implant those keys to boost your website traffic.

We focus on periodic monitoring of traffic and rankings of your website. It allows us to modify the website and its content to further enhance your authority. Link building is also a crucial element in the case of search engine optimisation. If your site lacks the appropriate number of links, Google will disfavour it and lower its ranking. However, we purchase credible links from trustworthy websites and implement them with balance. As the majority of internet users, today, use handheld devices for online activities, we put our focus on making your website mobile-friendly. With our technical skills, we strive to offer the best possible solutions to our clients.

Website crafting: Most people understand the trouble with a site that take minutes to load. Proper website design and coding are responsible for making a site user-friendly. The designers at RBSEO excel at using advanced programmes like CSS3 and HTML5, ensuring that our clients possess unique and attractive websites that impress the visitors.

Content Brewing: Content writing is tougher than it looks, especially when the readers are after quality. Poor quality content will repel the traffic coming to your site. To keep your users glued to your website, we prepare captivating content laced in informative and communicative language that can compel your readers to stay on the page.

Link Building: Bloggers are successful influencers and they can easily raise the number of visits your site attains. With a long list of the most popular bloggers, we have worked with for years, making your reach wider is the least we can do. With link building, we not only have your services and products promoted but also acquire performing links that redirect their fans to your pages.


Marketing your business digitally: Another one of our core skills is digital marketing. Our best efforts are to strategise and determine the right marketing campaign to boost your business name. Depending on your service, products and competitors, our team of professional marketers can develop internet campaigns such as PPC and social media ads. This makes room for increased revenue generation.

RBSEO comes forward to help the entrepreneurs to establish them business online. Besides physical address, your company requires an online presence in the fast-paced digital world. We offer multiple services that can help you to reach your business goals. Read on to know what we master in.

Website designing

The first and foremost thing that your audience will notice is the website. At RBSEO, we have extraordinary designers who are capable to design any website regardless of the business. Apart from the aesthetic factors like, layout, visual imagery, interface, our web design professionals also pay attention to user experience.

Link Building

We reach out to powerful bloggers to give maximum exposure to your products and services. With link building, we gain multiple quality links, get tons of social shares, get targeted traffic and build a strong relationship with audiences.

Content writing

Content should never be underestimated. It is one of the most effective tools that can help your website achieve a good ranking in the SERPs. We have a brilliant group of writers who can craft any content on any topic. Creative thinking and powerful words are what we focus on. The write-ups are never boring. With lucid language and engaging facts, RBSEO writers stir emotions in readers’ mind, urging them to stay and read.

Digital marketing

Marketing is essential when it comes to promoting your business in the market. Without marketing, audiences will never come to know what your business is about and the products you are selling. We hire trained marketers who possess enough skills to devise social media campaigns and digital marketing strategies for a business. With powerful PPC advertising and online reputation management, your business gets sufficient exposure to seize the attention of customers.

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Search engine optimisation

A website may lose thousands of visitors if SEO is not done properly. Multiple businesses operate in Edinburgh and may possess a serious threat to your business existence. UK SEO is the only way which can save you from being overshadowed by other firms. At RBSEO, our professionals know what to do to achieve better ranking and improved visibility.
They perform keyword research to determine the phrases that have the highest and lowest competition. The keywords are placed in the title tag, meta description, webpage content, blogs and even in the URL to make the website appear on the first page when the relevant terms are searched. Every minute detail is considered as there is no room for mistakes. Mobile optimisation is necessary as per the recent trends.
As mobile users are constantly growing, it has become vital for us to develop responsive websites that fit every screen size and resolution. Furthermore, the specialists fetch credible and authoritative links from popular websites which ensures more and more inbound traffic.

Experts at RBSEO try every possible move to accomplish your business’s objectives. We are here to help you to establish your business in Edinburgh and give strong competition to existing companies. Want to see your business gaining popularity? Call us immediately.

Those looking to enjoy a good run for their business online must contact RBSEO for exceptional content marketing, optimisation and website design services. We are a premier agency offering our first-class solutions to all types of companies in Edinburgh. Here are some of the things we excel in.

Enhancing your business image

Advertising is vital, especially when you are a new organisation. To create awareness amongst your target audience, we can create effective digital marketing campaigns, ranging from pay per click to social media marketing. Each of our marketers is exceptionally talented and possess the necessary know-how that comes with years of experience in the field.

Optimising your website

Our experts make your website ready for search engines. More specifically, they can optimise the site so that it ranks higher in the search results page. Since very few Internet users check beyond the second page in their search results, it is vital to have a high enough ranking to improve visibility and engagement with clients.

We can guarantee the top ranks to your business site in Edinburgh and globally. Based on our expertise in keyword optimisation, link building and other aspects, RBSEO clients enjoy the best feedback from consumers. 

Our search engine optimisation team begins with keyword selection and integration. After researching to determine the best keywords for your business, our content team can strategically implement these words or phrases within the website. For the research, our analysts consider factors like search volume, geographical location and target demographic for your products. 
Link building is another important part of SEO UK services. Sourcing and purchasing the most credible links allows us to implement them in the website content. Without proper links, Google and other search engines are liable to penalise your site, leading to poor ranks. 
Furthermore, analysing your competition is vital to ensuring the best optimisation work. Depending on the strategies used by your rivals, we can adapt our approach to give you the desired outcome every time. This also keeps you ahead of the competition in the search rankings, ensuring interested parties stumble on your website first.

Seeking help from bloggers

Regardless of the promotional and marketing campaigns we conduct, our link building programme can boost your lead generation and conversion rate. We chalk a deal with popular bloggers so that they include a link to your website or write about your products in one of their pieces.

Writing for the crowd

Our authors know how to frame and create blog posts and articles for the web. Each piece is extremely readable, interesting and informative. The main aim of the content writing team is to hook readers from the very first sentence. Proofreaders and editors help in maintaining grammatical and factual accuracy in every write-up.

Designing your dream site

Web design is a complex task that our team can complete with ease due to skilled and talented members. The primary objective is to design a pretty website that is, at the same time, responsive, fast and navigable. Our designers are exceptionally talented in HTML5 and CSS3, aiding them with the perfect coding for the site.

Some SEO & Website Design FAQ’s

How do I get my Website found on Google?

To get your website found on Google, you should submit your website to Google. Register and verify your website with the Google search console, submit your website sitemap and wait for Google to crawl and index your website in its search results. Check your website in a day or so to see if it is appearing in the search results.

Can Our Website Speed Affect Our Rankings?

Yes, a slow loading website gives a bad experience to your website visitors and they leave your website without spending any time on it. This increases your website bounce rate, which impacts your website rankings negatively on Google. If your customers jump to your competitors’ websites, you lose potential customers and sales too.

Does My Website need to be Responsive?

Absolutely, yes because the use of mobile devices has significantly increased over the past few years, and in fact has exceeded desktop computer devices. Having a responsive website gives good user experience to your customers, improves your website SEO, web traffic and sales.

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