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Online marketing is the fastest manner to guarantee success. RB SEO does not only lend a hand in taking your business online, but we also give you traffic-driven growth. Having offices in Salford has made us a suitable choice for local ventures in the region. Take a look at some of our services. 

Blogger Relation

Influencers experience a huge reach over the public. Owing to our link building programme, we can leverage the fame of these bloggers for enhancing traffic flow to your website. Buying high-quality links is only a part of this service to better your business’ lead generation. 

Online Marketing

The Internet paves the way for a fresh medium to market your business. Our best digital marketing executives cater to your business exclusive requirements. By bringing together website analytics, SEO UK and social media marketing, amongst other techniques, we ensure a solid boost to your firm’s online visibility.


We boast a team of experienced, skilled and talented writers from differing backgrounds. Our authors create easy to understand, informative and grammatically correct write-ups for various topics. Also, our content writers guarantee one-of-a-kind articles, blogs, press releases and more. 


The rank of your page or ad on the search engine results page is solely decided by SEO services. Businesses prefer high ranks as it creates a path for visibility and conversion. At RBSEO, we endeavour to match your business with certain needs and adhere to particular guidelines. 

Our SEO team is equipped with huge know-how on Google algorithms, ranking and other factors that play a prominent role in optimisation. It is our experience over the years that we have understood the significance of researching keywords. For your Salford business, we emphasise on including key phrases and words in your trending in your region. Besides looking for top keywords, our experts regularly update your site with blog posts.
With the help of fresh content, we ensure a relevant website as well as a greater traffic entry to the domain. Another of our SEO solutions is competitive analysis. As many firms are striving to make use of the same keywords, our team compares the strengths and weaknesses of each phrase or word before using them. As a result, you enjoy sustained online growth.

In order to heighten the number of visitors to your website, high-quality and relevant links from popular sites are essential. We possess an extensive database consisting of such links. When the link-building improves, you lead generation too sees better days besides the reputation of the business. 

Website Layout

Website design is a pleasure, which our designers love to have. Since we have crafted countless websites, our team displays the ideal balance between skill and experience. We implement bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and other programmes to give you the site you always dreamed of. Whether the websites belong to corporate clients, bloggers or e-commerce companies, each of our web design projects is responsive. Moreover, we also maintain sites on a regular basis, keeping them functional in unspoiled state.


Salford businesses looking to make a transition to the online market can seek assistance from RB SEO. The premier online marketing, search engine optimisation, content writing and website design service provider can take your business to the next level, boosting consumer engagement and reach. Read on to know more about our services.

The optimisation for websites and ads

Due to their indexing, simply creating websites is not enough. Business owners must ensure proper optimisation for their ads and sites as well. Our UK SEO team knows the correct approach to optimisation and can achieve the desired results in just a few days. While there are many minor techniques for improving SEO, the four major aspects are listed below.

Keywords - The single most important aspect of online optimisation is the use of proper keywords. Along with the preferred ratio, our analysts know just which keywords are suitable for our business, based on factors, including search volume, location of the business and the target audience. For instance, we can optimise keywords to maximise your business site’s website in Salford. 


Link building - Each website needs to include one or many links belonging to external websites to remain optimised. In the absence of proper links, search engines penalise rankings. We can source the best links, purchasing the rights to use them on your website. Each link we deliver belongs to credible websites, and are properly tested before implementation. 


Daily posts - We prevent stagnation from setting into your business website. Delays in uploading fresh blogs or other posts are often perceived as disinterest toward the website. Furthermore, the search engines can lower your ranks as a result of irregular posts. Therefore, our SEO analysts prepare a detailed schedule for all posts, ensuring limited interval between two posts.

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Marketing to impress consumers

We can market your products and services effectively using the Internet. Our digital marketing team comprises of expert professionals, who can effortlessly create and manage complex advertising campaigns, including social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click and others. Our result-oriented approach is sure to reveal the desired outcome from these efforts.


Link Building

In most cases, simple digital marketing is not sufficient. To ensure better reach and promotion of your business, RBSEO can arrange special link building solutions. We hire popular bloggers to test and review your products, giving a glowing review of the company’s services. The bloggers’ reach helps in garnering newer leads for your business, improving revenue generation. 

Interesting blogs and articles

Content writing is a specialised service that we offer to clients. Our authors possess the necessary know-how, expertise and skills to pen engaging website content. Readers are guaranteed to be hooked from the very first line, encouraging them to return to the website in the future.

Designing your dream website

Improper website design can tarnish your company’s online reputation. Therefore, we take web design very seriously. Our team boasts both graphic designers and programmers. The latter group is responsible for delivering a responsive, fast and easily navigable website to the client. Their expertise in programming languages like CSS3 and HTML5, prove a boon for them in this endeavour.

Contact RBSEO for impeccable online marketing, content creation, SEO and a range of other digital services related to your company website. We can help your Salford business shine through and achieve new heights. We are ready to offer the following services to both small and large organisations.

Optimisation of website content

We can help your business become more visible online through impressive optimisation techniques. Our analysts have successfully cracked the secret to top search engine rankings. With continued effort, we can improve your website rank in search results, delivering the desired outcome. Here are some methods we utilise to perfect optimisation for your site.

Keyword usage - Keywords are crucial to draw more visitors to the website and improve search engine performance for the website. Our analysts research the various keywords, based on your target audience, location and several other factors. We look at the search volume of specific keywords before choosing the perfect phrases for your content. 

Link building - Our SEO experts scour the Internet in the search for suitable and credible links for implementation on your website. Each of these links improves search engine rankings for the site, while also increasing the reputation of your company. Apart from outbound links, we also achieve a balanced inbound link proportion for the site. 

Monitoring the competition - We understand that competitors pose a threat to your success. Therefore, part of our optimisation effort entails closely analysing the approach to SEO for rival businesses. Based on this, we can modify or change our strategies as well. The objective is to keep your business ranked higher than the others in Salford, ensuring you receive the most visitors.
The experts in our optimisation team also schedule posts and perform other important tasks for your website.

Blog writing services

We employ some of the best authors in our content writing team, who possess years of experience framing blogs and articles for websites. Each write-up is engaging, professional and informative, prioritising the services and products of the company we represent. Proofreaders check each piece for grammatical errors, while editors polish the content further before delivery.

Marketing your products to the public

With effective digital marketing strategies, we can increase the interest around your Salford business. Our expert employees can design and manage impressive social media marketing, search engine marketing and pay per click campaigns for your company. Over time, such efforts increase the demand and sale of your products.

Approaching bloggers for advertising

Our link building solutions involve reaching out to popular bloggers. They can implement the website link in one of their write-ups, improving your company’s reach. In some cases, we can convince these influencers to frame topics around your products and services, highlighting your business in a positive light.

Designing effective websites

Without proper web design, your company site will likely fail to draw the desired audience. We employ graphic designers and website programmers, who can whip up fast, responsive and brilliant ideas for your site’s design. Our programmers focus on website navigation, ensuring ease-of-access for visitors. They are also experienced in handling HTML5 and CSS3 programming.

Main FAQ’s of Local Businesses

Should I use Keywords in My Blog Post?

Using keywords in the blog post content is very useful, especially for attracting more niche visitors from Google. When using keywords, make sure they are naturally placed in the articles and avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing. Instead of using the same keywords multiple times, use synonyms.

How Can I Improve My Keywords Rankings Fast?

Fully utilise the SEO methodologies, create informative content and regularly update them, gather high DA natural links, improve your website speed and make it more responsive, use rich snippets and follow Google quality guidelines. Avoid black hat SEO.


Do you Manage PPC or Google Adwords Campaigns?

We setup and run pay per click (PPC) and Google adwords campaigns for local, national and international businesses. Each campaign has its own requirements; local adwords campaigns differ from national PPC campaigns based on keywords, audience, budget size, geography, channels etc.

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